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    Default Param is not judgemental at all; Harshita is a strong and focused person!

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    One of the most loved leading pairs of TV Param Singh and Harshita Gaur talk about their characters, their views about each other and much more in a candid chat with us.

    Channel V's popular show Sadda Haq which is riding high amongst the audience these days and has also been subjective in terms of its story. The leading pair of this show Randhir and Sanyukta have grabbed the eyeballs of the viewers. Their on-screen chemistry is much talked about and also it shows the struggling phase to achieve the dreams of the lead character Sanyukta essayed by Harshita Gaur with precision.

    We got in touch with these youngsters to know about their journey, their bonding with each other off-screen and much more.

    Here is Param and Harshita unplugged...

    How has been your journey in Sadda Haq so far?

    Harshita: It has been great so far, I always wanted to do a Television show which is related to the youth and I was really glad when I got this Channel V's show Sadda Haq. The thing which I liked about this show is it's a woman centric and I have such an important character to play. I am learning new things every day from everyone on the sets. I have learned many things apart from acting like how to interact and how to deal with situations in life. Even if you have a bad day or a bad mood it vanishes with the acting as you get involved in the same. So I am really having a great time by being part of this show.

    Param: It's been very good. I knew that the show Sadda Haq had a very good script but the response which we got was unexpected and is overwhelming and I really happy doing it. As far as my character is considered, I love playing the character of Randhir. So I am really happy and I am enjoying my space and feel lucky to be the part of Sadda Haq.

    How is the relation between both of you off-screen?

    Harshita: I and Param knew each other before the show, we are very good friends and our friendship grew over the time more after the show. So we are best buddies and Param never considers me like a girl.

    Param: She is a very good friend; she is like a buddy to me. I can share anything with her and it's a myth that she is a girl; she is like a guy if you ask me in a girl's body. I really like her as she is very intelligent.

    What do you have to say about each other's character?

    Harshita: Randhir's character doesn't hate women but he is somebody who consider women powerful enough and believes that it's a men's world and there are certain things which girls should do in which they are best. He is a person who has built certain views because of the experience he had in his life that's why he is arrogant and is seen as angry. That's what Randhir's character is all about.

    Param: Sayukta's character is shown to be an engineer. She is not like a typical bhartiya naari but she is a smart girl in today's world and she is very intelligent. She knows how to get her things across and manage people. Her character is very good who is fighting for her rights which you can see in every episode. Her character is really strong.

    Do you both relate yourselves with the character you play in the show?

    Harshita: I am very much like Sayukta, as she is very close to her mother even I am very close to my mother. Sayukta and Harshita both are fighting for their dreams. Sayukta is an engineer and Harshita is also an engineer. Sayukta is smartly manipulative even Harshita can do the same. There are so many things in which I can relate myself with Sayukta.

    Param: No, honestly I am not so arrogant about anything in my life. In fact I think I haven't achieved anything yet in my life and even in future if I achieve many things I will never be so arrogant. But like Randhir who is passionate about everything even I am very passionate about my work. Even he stands for right things in his life even I do that I try to do that because it is not always easy to take a stand as people are so manipulative.

    Describe each other in few lines?

    Harshita: Param is very active and full of life, full of energy yet a simple soul who just loves talking to people and having fun around.

    Param: She is very intelligent and a hard working person, she is basically a very nice girl.

    Good quality

    Harshita: He is not judgmental at all. He will talk to everyone without creating any perception and he has his own way of perceiving people.

    Param: Hardworking, intelligent and most importantly she is a very strong and focused person.

    Bad quality

    Harshita: Sometimes his jokes or things he does is very irritating like the way he will talk to you or the way he will dance around sometimes is so irritating (Laughs).

    Param: Most of the time she is better than me in everything she does which I don't like because I don't like losing. So this is her bad quality, she should understand how to lose also sometimes. She should realize that she is competing with me (Laughs).

    We wish the leading pair all the very best for their show Sadda Haq!



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