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    Default Nishant Anand is on a fitness high these days

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    The Bible states- Treat your body like a temple- and actors today are surely vouching for that.

    After the Khans of Bollywood made the ‘pack’ business popular, now TV hunks are also pumping hard to get the lean look.

    Having joined the industry recently, Nishant Anand managed to impress one and all with his acting prowess and great physique. And these days the actor is enjoying the best phase of his fitness time as he flaunts a great body. Nishant has been part of shows like MTV Webbed and Sadda Haq.

    “I am really focussed on my acting career which has been my passion from my childhood. I have worked very hard to build my body which I feel is essential in the modern competitive scenario. Today youngsters in every city and town are hooked to fitness and I feel actors should take it really seriously,” shared the guy.

    Talking about his fitness regime Nishant quipped, “I have been involved with the process of being fit for the last seven years. And for the last few months I have been working really hard. I work out six days a week and survive only on boiled chicken and eggs. It is being most difficult to do it, but when I check the result I am happy to have managed to done it.”

    So is he preparing for an action packed role, we wondered. “I would love to get such a role (laughs). But I feel an actor with eight packs can also romance and cry, there is no such obligation na? I am open to all kind of roles; it just should be interesting and different.”

    When quizzed Nishant on whose body in the business he admired and patcame the reply. “Hrithik Roshan, of course. Anyone who works towards fitness would admire the man. Apart from being a great actor, look at the way he has consistently maintained himself. He is the epitome of good looks and I really love his dedication.”

    And finally when he quipped on the challenges he faced to get his desired results, the actor shared, “By nature, I am a very dedicated and hard working person so it wasn’t really that challenging. I believe that when one takes up a task, it is possible to fulfill it with honesty, conviction and of course hard work.”

    Keep up the good work, Nishant!!!



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