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    Default Love confessions on Channel V's Sadda Haq

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    The season of love added with the magic of monsoon will see love flying high in the air in Channel Vís Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Entertainment).

    Firstly our hero Randhir (Param Singh) who has been struggling with his feeling for his Ďfrienemyí Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) would finally realise that he is in love with her. And the boy not wanting to waste any moment, would decide on professing his love to her.

    Well, viewers would be in for a surprise when the ever serious Randhir would finally blurt out his feelings to Sanyukta. And the moment will be all of a sudden leaving Sanyukta completely dazed.

    What will be Sanyuktaís reaction to this proposal? Will she agree?

    On the other hand, Parth (Ankit Gupta) will tell Vidhushi (Nisha Nayak) that he has started liking. He will further share how initially he detested her but now has grown fond of her. Vidhushi who has a soft corner for him will be happy about this declaration.

    So will the two hook up?

    We tried calling Param and Ankit but they remained unavailable.

    See the magic of love in the show tonight.



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