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    Default Kushabh Manghani 'excited' to be back on Sadda Haq

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    As much as we hate the male chauvinism in real life, their portrayal on-screen does make a good watch.

    And getting back again to entertain everyone in Channel V’s Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Entertainment) is Kushabh Manghani aka Ankit, the devilish brother of the lead girl Sanyukta.

    With the ‘internship’ track opening up, Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) is living her dreams of working with her dad, wherein trouble in the form of her brother will hit her hard.

    As for actor Kushabh, who is playing the role of Ankit, he is quite excited about his comeback.

    “The kick that I get playing Ankit is so great that I just can’t help gushing about being back as the vicious MCP (male chauvinist pig) on the show,” averred the young guy.

    Taking us further on his character development, Kushabh shared, “Ankit will be out there to show Sanyukta that the factory is owned by him and she being a girl has no right to even think about handling the place ever. With their father also in support of him, they will make Sanyukta’s stay at the factory quite difficult.”

    The actor who had been missing from the show with the shift in track feels glad to be back. “I feel really connected to the show as it has given me an identity, and I was terribly missing the team and the serial. Thankfully the creative team decided to churn this track and I am all excited to be back on the project (laughs). Sadda Haq is one of the best youth shows on TV and is doing wonderfully well.”

    Further Kushabh also added, “Although on screen we might act as enemies, I share a great bond with Harshita, Param (Singh), Ankit (Gupta), Prince (Dua) and others, so it’s of course fun to get together once again. Since the college and factory set ups are just two steps away, we all gather around on breaks and enjoy our time together. Even actors who play the professors, Krrip (Kapur Suri) and Zohaib (Siddiqui) join us, so it’s a full entertaining house. The crew is also a young one and that just adds more to our bonding.”

    Well all we can say is, welcome back Kushabh!!!



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