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    Default Krip Suri and Ankit Gupta get injured while shooting for Channel V's Sadda Haq

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    Beyond Dreams Entertainment’s popular show Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice on Channel [V] has been going through an interesting and gripping phase wherein many back stories are opening up.

    While shooting one such high-intensity sequence, not one but two actors got injured on the set of the show.

    Well, a source from the set tells us that Krip Suri, who essays the role of Professor Vardhan, was shooting a sequence wherein the angry young man has to vent out his anger at the properties lying around him. The scene required Krip to just throw things visible to him. And when the actor was in full flow, venting out his anger with burning eyes, Krip all of a sudden lost his balance, slipped and fell on the ground. As he landed, he put weight on his already damaged left hand which immediately started to swell up.

    For the uninitiated, Krip had earlier fractured his left hand (bone dislocation). We hear that the actor immediately rushed to see his doctor when he got hurt on the same hand.

    Well, if this is what happened to the beefy Krip, we also hear that Ankit Gupta, who essays the role of Parth in the show, also got hurt in the same sequence. As per the track, when Vardhan would be throwing everything placed in the room in a fit of anger, Parth will meet with an injury when an object will hit him. Well, this will be the track that will be churned out for the viewers in few days.

    However, Ankit had a freaky accident while shooting for this sequence wherein an object had to hit him. It so happened that a property that Krip threw accidentally landed for real on Ankit’s right hand, and the guy had a deep cut on his hand. He too had to be immediately rushed to the doctor, confirms our source.

    Well, this indeed has to be an odd bad day on the sets of Sadda Haq.

    When contacted, Krip confirmed the injury and said, “Yes, I hurt my left hand again while doing a particular sequence where Vardhan thinking of his bad past starts to throw things around. Thankfully, the doctor has said there is no further damage to my hand, except for a swelling which will be there for few days. I will be seen at least for 15 days in a crepe bandage.”

    While Krip is forced to wear the crepe bandage and shoot for the show, Ankit is actually blessed as he has to be shown hurt even in the track.

    When contacted, Ankit told us, “Well, the track that I was supposed to enact happened in real. I had to get hurt in the scene, but I am hurt in reality too. There was this piece of glass that came and hit my hand, and I developed a cut on my right hand. I am now wearing a bandage which will be used for the track too.”

    We only hope and pray the two fit guys Krip and Ankit get better soon.



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