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    Default Fans demand a 'peep' into the 'uncensored version' of the kiss sequence in Sadda Haq...

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    It’s a ‘Twitter Attack’ coming from the loyal fans of the youth-based show produced by Beyond Dreams Entertainment, Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice!!

    Wondering what we are talking about? Well, the recent ‘lip-lock’ scene generated out of ‘hate’ between the protagonists Randhir (Param Singh) and Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) has created a rage of sorts amongst fans. However, their thirst to get a ‘peep’ into the uncensored version of this kiss sequence has forced them to flood in tweets and mails to the channel, director, producer and the creative team of Sadda Haq.

    The flood of mails and tweets have not ceased coming for the past three days.

    Here are few of the tweets for a sample.

    nessieBieber @JbMaitri Jan 29

    @MamtaYPatnaik we want sandhir kiss #uncensoredversion ..i hate censor yaar plss sandhir/ parsh fan deserve dis

    rooh @RoohiSh Jan 29

    You've tortured us with it for a weekWe want #UncensoredVersion of sandhir Kiss in #SaddaHaq @MamtaYPatnaik @karishmaaoluchi @ChannelvIndia

    SanDhir_FanClub @ParamHarshi_FC Jan 30

    @ChannelvIndia @MamtaYPatnaik want #Uncensoredversion of Randhir sanyukta lip lock !! at least upload it online.we want it at any cost

    rinki @rinki_is_me Jan 30

    @MamtaYPatnaik Ma'am pls enlighten us...are we going to get #UncensoredVersion of #SanDhirKiss or not ??? please reply...

    nessieBieber @JbMaitri Jan 29

    @MamtaYPatnaik we want sandhir kiss #uncensoredversion plss..we've waited fr dis fr literally 4-5

    Overwhelming, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly how the producer Yash Patnaik described the response.

    Yash Patnaik told us, “Well, the response to the kiss sequence has been overwhelming. Fans are flocking to the social network platforms with the requests. Our FB page has crossed 50k mark in just a month’s time. Emails are pouring in. Everyone wants a peek. I am happy that audience likes the storyline, treatment and chemistry between Sanyukta and Randhir. This reaction has put more responsibilities on our shoulders. I am sure we will continue entertaining audience with more and more interesting and refreshing tracks in future.”

    We could not stop but ask him if they will grant the request of fans by uploading the uncensored version of the kiss sequence on You Tube, and he said, “I don’t think so. It will dilute the character of Sanyukta.”

    Well, disappointed are you, loyal viewers? Don’t be, as the show promises quite a lot of interesting tracks in the coming future.

    Here’s a preview - gear up for the following tracks in the coming week.

    A source tells us that the vacations are in full swing. But cupid has struck Jiggy (Chirag Desai) big time, and he will miss Kausthuki (Homring) too much. Also, Randhir will get a new look. For Sanyukta, there will be a big question mark raised over whether she will get back to the college to fight or not, the reason being that a prospective groom will come to meet her. Also, Professor Vardhan’s (Krip Suri) back story will open up and there is a possibility of the entry of either Niharika or Kabeer (characters which have been mentioned, but never shown) into the thick of things.

    Look forward for interesting high points coming your way in Sadda Haq.



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