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    Default "I drink green tea everyday to remain fit!" - Param Singh

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    Dashing Television hunk, Param Singh shares some fitness tips with us.

    Handsome actor Param Singh started his career on Indian Television with a popular show Sadda Haq on Channel V. We got in touch with this hunk to know about his fitness secret.

    Let's see what Param has to share with us.

    What does fitness mean to you?

    Fitness according to me is to keep oneself healthy not only physically but also mentally.

    What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

    I do work out to keep myself fit but I do it for 5 days in a week and on weekends I give myself rest, because rest is equally important. I even do yoga to stay fit.

    Are you conscious about your food choices?

    Well I am quite a foodie so I am not at all conscious about my food choices. I am Punjabi boy and love to eat a lot, but my regular workout habits help me to remain fit. I love eating homemade food like Dal chawal, Rajma chawal etc., which is healthy. I am actually planning to become conscious about my food habits, because I am an actor and have to look good on screen.

    Three things you do every day to remain fit?

    1) I drink green tea

    2) I take Vitamin tablets

    3) I work out for 45 minutes

    Do you take protein supplements?

    Yes, I take protein supplements.

    Is there any sports you are skilled at?

    I was in a boarding school, so there we were made to play all sports like cricket, golf, football, basketball and more.

    A celebrity body you admire?

    I am confused since all the celebrities are fit but if I have to choose one then it will be Hrithik Roshan.

    What is you fitness secret?

    I go to the gym and work out for 45 minutes.

    A fitness tip for you fans?

    I just want to say that don't smoke too much because it is very harmful for body, don't take drugs and people who drink alcohol must prefer red wine or beer but to a certain limit. Do exercise to keep yourself active and don't take much stress.



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