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    Default Beyond Dreams' Sadda Haq becomes the #1 show on Channel [V] in quick time

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    Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice, produced by Yash Patnaik’s Beyond Dreams Production on Channel [V], has a unique concept wherein amidst the male-dominated engineering college comes a girl Sanyukta (Harshit Gaur) to fulfill her dreams of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. The show is just over 30 episodes old, but has already managed to find a place in every youngster’s heart.

    Even before completing its first landmark of 50 episodes, the show finds itself to be the #1 show on the youth-based channel, Channel [V]. As per the TAM Ratings released for Week 3, Sadda Haq has seen a huge jump in terms of ratings. The show which had 184 TVTs (at the end of Week 2 of 2014) has climbed up to 285 TVTs by the end of Week 3. The second place on Channel [V] goes to Dil Dostii Dance with a TVT of 226 followed by The Buddy Project at third place with 63 TVTs.

    Talking about this phenomenal achievement, Producer Yash Patnaik told us, “It was a big challenge for us in Beyond Dreams to enter this new space of ‘youth’ as we have been dealing with only drama and thrillers. When we were asked by Channel [V] to give them a concept, we did not go in for a frothy good-looking romance show on friends or deal with love, friendship and betrayal. We chose a very different route which had all the drama and thrill element with well-defined strong motives to all our characters. Channel [V] has been very proactive and constructive in its support. The way in which Mamta (Patnaik) has led the team towards the vision had has been really good. The best part about Sadda Haq is that all the characters are vibrant and have their own back stories which will open up soon. And every back story will trigger the story forward, is what I can promise.”

    He went on to say, “Also, we have spent a lot of time, money and energy on detailing. Since our backdrop happens to be an engineering college, all that you see on the blackboard in college is actually the real technical jargon. This boost in ratings where we have doubled up by 50 percent in just a week’s time motivates us to look for a great time in terms of storytelling. We have quite a lot of interesting tracks lined up for the coming weeks. Firstly, we will be opening up the back story of Randhir (Param Singh) with his father and mother. In the next few weeks, viewers will see the first major highpoints coming their way.”

    We wish the team of Sadda Haq all the very best.



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