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    Default "I believe in harder you work, the luckier you are." - Param Singh

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    We brings to you the Sunday celebrity slam book section with Param Singh.

    Handsome and dashing actor Param Singh who plays Randhir in Channel V's Sadda Haq spared some time to answer our slam book questions...

    Birthday: 8th September.

    Nickname: Param.

    Sun Sign: Virgo.

    Hometown: Kanpur.

    Describe yourself: I am a simple guy.

    Strength: Will power and hard working.

    Weakness: Food.

    What can easily impress you: Nice and good people.

    You're crazy about: I am not a crazy person so I am not crazy about anything.

    Hobbies: Watching films, boxing, work out, chilling with my friends.

    A cloud nine moment for you: Yet to come.

    Do you believe in destiny: I believe in harder you work, the luckier you are.

    Song you're humming these days: Patakha Guddi song from the film Highway which is sung and composed by A.R. Rahman.

    Any TV show you follow: None because honestly I don't get time to watch TV.

    An unforgettable day of your life: Yet to come.

    Describe your daily routine in short: Eat, sleep, gym and shoot this is my daily routine.

    What's your favorite pass time during free time on the sets: Chilling out with all my co-actors, laugh about things with a cup of coffee.

    Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: There are many places actually I am from Mumbai itself and have seen all the places. I love Mumbai and all the places in Mumbai are my favorite.

    Craziest fan encounter so far: I never had personal encounter with any of my fan because I don't get time to meet them but I have seen their messages and I really like them. I am really obliged.

    The best compliment ever received: Its little funny when I heard that I have the face structure like Brad Pitt.

    Your inspiration: My mom.

    You're incomplete without: My mom's food.
    Message to your fans: Keep loving me and keep watching Sadda Haq. I am trying my best to entertain you guys and working really hard. Thank you so much. keep loving our show.



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