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    Default Actors of Sadda Haq and Million Dollar Girl to take a compatibility test!

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    It's a unique Valentine's day celebration for Channel V shows.

    As Valentine's Day is round the corner, our TV shows are quite kicked to celebrate this day with joy. Channel V is gearing up with a special sequence of their shows.

    The makers of Sadda Haq and Million Dollar Girl have planned to celebrate the V-day in a unique way, as the shows are known for attracting the attention of youngsters.

    Our sources says, "Avanti (Sharmin Kazi) - Virat (Vikram Singh Chauhan), Vicky - Kavya, Parth(Ankit Gupta) and Vidushi (Nisha Neha Nayak), Sayunkta (Harshita Gaur) and Randhir (Param Singh) from Sadda Haq will shoot for a special sequence. They will get a call from an Alien and then they all will meet at a different location. All the couples will be given some unique task which will gradually be a compatibility test."

    Well this sounds quite interesting!



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