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    Default 5 times Sanyukta of Sadda Haq was everything we aspired to be

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    Channel Vís popular show Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice has definitely been a cult show in terms of connecting with the youth. Produced by Beyond Dreams Productions, Sadda Haq is about the journey of Sanyukta Agarwal, played by Harshita Gaur, and her aspirations to be a successful engineer in a manís world.

    Now every girl today has ambitions that sometimes get weakened without the support of their families. But Sanyukta definitely has been an inspiration for all. Here we bring you five occurrences when we aspired to be in Sanyuktaís shoes.

    When she stood for her dreams

    An Indian girl is expected to get married soon after her college or take up courses like home science but Sanyukta stood against her own to fulfil her dreams. When her dad was against her taking up engineering, the girl left her home and family to pursue her childhood dream. How many of us have so much courage to do that?

    When she proved her worth to the world

    Be it any task or examinations, Sanyukta always excelled in them. Even though when she was bullied to be a weaker sex in a guyís profession, with her smartness and intelligence, Sanyukta won her teachersí hearts and grades. And not just mentally, viewers have also witnessed how she drained herself out physically!

    When she chose love and called off her marriage

    Well, every girl dreams of settling down with a well to-do guy but here is Sanyukta who rejected an alliance to choose Randhir (Param Singh). Publicly decling her arranged engagement, she stood by her love. This girl is made of steel for sure!

    When she helped other girls achieve their dream

    Sanyukta treasures other peopleís dreams too. She mentored a bright student who topped the entrance exams!

    When she broke up with Randhir to help him

    Now this was a heart melting moment when she broke up with Randhir. Not because they had issues, but because she wanted Randhir to come on the right track. Knowing how he was indulging in wrong habits and was on the mission to destroy his momís business, Sanyukta took a strong step to stand against him in a way to stop him from self destruction.

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