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    Default 10 unknown interesting facts about Param Singh

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    Fresh in looks and talent, the ever-charming and one of the booming faces in the industry, Param Singh portrays the male lead of Randhir in Channel Vs Sadda Haq. Let us know some 10 unknown interesting facts about the cute and sexy young lad.

    1. Param Singhs favourite colour is blue.

    2. The handsome actor loves eating Chinese food and dislikes sweet dishes.

    3. Param works out for five days in a week and believes in giving his body enough rest on weekends.

    4. The fitness freak believes that yoga is important along with the daily exercise routine.

    5. The Punjabi boy loves to eat homemade food like dal chawal and rajma chawal.

    6. Hrithik Roshan is one actor Param truly admires.

    7. Param is most comfortable in t-shirts and jeans.

    8. The charming actor is not active on Facebook.

    9. Param is very chirpy and fun loving by nature.

    10. Param studied in a boarding school and used to play all kinds of sports like cricket, golf, football and basketball.

    Well, this is our list. Did we miss anything? Feel free to share more facts about Param or any of your favourite stars with us.



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