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    Default Waah Waah Kyaa Baat Hai! To be aired on SAB TV from September 15th

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    Psychologists recommend that watching TV isn't the last thing you should do before going to bed. The main reason behind this is the sweeping generalization that TV airs negative programmes. It is believed that this will cause troubled sleep and impact the next day adversely. However what if the show you watch before bedtime makes you laugh instead?

    Asit Modi, Producer of Waah Waah Kyaa Baat Hai!, to be aired on Saturday nights at 10pm from September 15th on SAB TV, said at the press conference of the show held at J.W.Marriott (on September 10th), "The fact that the show will be telecast at 10pm is beneficial for the viewers. It is recommended that you go to sleep after watching a humorous show. If you go to bed laughing, you will have good sleep."

    Talented poets are to participate and share their work on this platform which will revive the flavour of comedy through poetry. Four versatile poets shared their comic verses, which was received by cheerful laughter and merry clapping. Anybody can participate in this show, let him be a grocery vendor or corporate honcho.

    The hosts of the show are Sailesh Lodha and Neha Mehta . Sailesh said, "Not only are the participants great poets, they also narrate their poems with great expression and voice modulation."

    Anooj Kapoor, EVP & Business Head of SAB TV said, "It's an hour long show for the weekend. So the new trend on the channel is that it's not just your weekdays but also your weekends that will be full of humour and laughter. Hasya-kavita is SAB TV's new approach to comedy and its uniqueness will definitely appeal to the audience. Like all SAB TV shows, this too is a light-hearted presentation for the entire family to enjoy and its packaging is contemporary, massy and entertaining." Asli maja SAB ke saath!



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