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    Concept & Story

    India is much diversified country. It is said that in the whole world, India has different strata of people, caste, language and religion which are staying together with harmony. Just like that, we see one of the unique houses known as, “Tiwari Sadan” of Pratapgarh in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. As we say that all fingers are not similar in a hand likewise in Tiwari family, people have different traits which bring us the elements of slice of life. This story depicts some of the funny elements of Totaram Tiwari and his dysfunctional family. Tota is a very shy, honest and simple person who wishes to become a CA. He is our underdog protagonist. But Maina is totally opposite to him, she is full of life, chirpy, bubbly and adventurous in nature. She is a kid at heart but understands family values very well. Fufaji is the head-commander of this family and also the head of Tiwari Samaj Committee. He takes all decisions at home for himself as well as for others and he is very proud of that. Parshuram Tiwari is Tota’s father; he goes by his name and plays Parashuram in his Ram Leela mandali and often behaves like angry Parashuram in real. Ramdulari is Tota’s mother; she is warm and charming in nature, she has this habit of giving work to everyone whenever she finds them idle, which she terms as HOME WORK. She always mixes English words while conversation which creates funny moments. Toti Tiwari is the younger sister of Tota ram and is married to Kundan Mishra alias Prince Jija, he had given IAS entrance exam and always bluff about his status as ‘Hum toh IAS level ke hai’. Toti lives in awe of her husband and makes sure that she maintains her husband's IAS image all the time. She resides in Tiwari Sadan with her good for nothing husband being ghar jamai. Parmanand Tiwari alias Surprise chacha (young brother of Parshuram), is one wacky character of the family, who is always excited about surprising others with his acts which becomes sweet shock at the end. He is married to Leena Tiwari, whose craziest quest to make her husband fashionable. She wants to make her husband stand out in crowd and keeps on experimenting on him with different clothes which make him look awkward and embarrassed. But they both share sweet and sour relationship of husband and wife. Now, we talk about the most sensible and intelligent creatures of this family, Radio and Video. They are smartest in the whole family. Radio is our reluctant informant, if you want to extract any information from him you just have to speak the other way and he will spill everything out. Video always has a mobile phone with her and captures every awkward or secret moment and use it as ‘proof’ to get her things done. On the day of Tota’s marriage, his bride gets swapped by other groom in a mass marriage sammelan and he accidently marries Maina Shukla, who hails from Allahabad. Elders feel that this is destiny which brought them together and welcomes the wedding by saying its VIDHI KA VIDHAAN. What happens with Tota Ram in this mad Tiwary Sadan, especially after Maina’s entry, is a most hilarious, fun frolic and roller coaster ride of Tota & Maina, which add upon to sweet & light hearted moments as their life goes taking day to day challenges in humorous ways serving you the best to your laughter appetite.


    Totaram Tiwari
    Maina Shukla
    Badbole Ojha (Fufaji)
    Ramdulari (Amma)Tota’s Mother Samta Sagar
    Prince (Tota’s Jija)
    Tota’s Sister
    Ram katori (Chachi)
    Maina’s Fufi - Phulkora



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