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    Default Saal ka sabse anokha election is here!!

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    Enjoy the fun by voting for SAB Ke Anokhe Awards! Thus to be more precise, you will get to see ‘Saal Ka Sabse Anokha Election’ which will be an extensive election campaign.

    It's that time of the year when every Indian talks about polling and voting. Well, we bring to you Saal Ka Sabse Anokha Election where you'll witness an extensive election campaign. And we aren't talking about something dull and serious! Boasting of fun, good-spirited competition and joyful camaraderie, all SAB TV shows will make for a political party, complete with an election agenda, flags, badges and slogans! And all this is for the grand preparations of SAB Ke Anokhe Awards!

    SAB Ke Anokhe Awards, a magnificent awards show that celebrates and honors in-house talent opens a gateway to unlimited entertainment for the viewers! So what is it that makes SAB Ke Anokhe Awards so anokha this year? Well, each show will make up for an electoral party such as Taarak Ki Party, Chidiya Ghar Party, Balveer Party, Jeannie-Juju Party and much loved artists will be seen rallying for public votes to garner viewers support!

    Iss saal ka sabse anokha election will have public voting categories for SAB Ke Anokhe Awards - 'Sab se Anokha Prani', 'Sab se Anokhi Jodi', 'Sab se Anokha Musibat ka Maara', 'SAB se Anokha Romance' and 'SAB se Anokhi Nari'. So there are ample of selection options for this unique election! The viewers can gear up to vote for their favourite stars and make them win awards!

    This edition of SAB Ke Anokhe Awards will bring the world of laughter to your homes with delightful acts, high octave performances by SAB TV artists who exhibit talent par excellence! Amongst other much-loved actors, chirpy Daya Ben (Disha Wakani), dabbang Inspector Kavita Kaushik, witty Jethalal (Dilip Joshi) and hilarious Gadha Prasad will entertain the audiences.

    Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP & Business Head, SAB TV said "Keeping to our promise of offering innovative content to our viewers we have designed a unique election campaign that will enable SAB TV artists to engage with the viewers and bring them even more closer to the brand. The same will be culminated with a spectacular on ground event."

    Produced by Optimystix Productions, SAB Ke Anokhe Awards will have 26 unique categories, out of which 5 category winners will be decided by audience voting, giving them an absolute opportunity to support their much loved SAB TV stars!

    The nominees for each of these categories are:

    1.SAB Se Anokha Prani

    2. SAB Se Anokhi Jodi
    Jetha & Daya
    Vicky & Jeannie
    Ghotak & Koel
    Indumati & Mukundi
    Mayuri & Gaumukh

    3. SAB Se Anokha Musibat Ka Mara

    4. SAB Se Anokha Romance
    Chuku & Dolly
    Surili & Biji
    Jeannie & juju
    Chintu & Pinky

    5. SAB Se Anokhi Nari

    'Saal ka sabse anokha election' begins August 1st onwards, so make sure you vote for your favourite SAB TV star – Nominees SAB ke, vote karo jamke!



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