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    Default Bharti Singh and Sunil Grover's Punjabi tadka

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    What happens when two Punjabis are asked to host a show? Well, they bond in Punjabi over food. Wonder what we are talking about…well…when Bharti Singh and Sunil Grover got together for the rehearsal of the event SAB Ka Diwali, they couldn’t stop connecting on the similarities between them.

    They spoke in Khadi Punjabi (read pure and tough to understand Punjabi for all non-Punjabis) and no one around them had a clue as to what the zealous conversation was all about. Finally, the director had to intervene and begged them to talk in Hindi as everyone on the set felt lost. It was then revealed that the fervent Punjabi conversation was about how the two foodies loved their delicious Punjabi food.

    Catch the duo create magic on 10 November at 8-10pm on SAB TV.



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