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    Default Vishal Singh on his Birthday today!

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    We speaks to the birthday boy on this special day!

    Birthday is a special day and this holds true for both young and old. It is the day which makes you walk down the memory lane and refreshes precious memories from your childhood days. We got in touch with the very well-known Vishal Singh to share his birthday experience...

    Let us have a look at what has he to say about it...

    It is your birthday today, so how are you feeling?
    It feels great today. After 8years I celebrated my birthday at midnight with those priceless childhood memories coming alive . My mom got me those birthday caps and toffies (laughs). It was truly an amazing and fantastic birthday this year.

    What is a perfect birthday according to you?
    A perfect birthday according to me is the one which is spent with your loved ones.

    Your most memorable birthday till date?
    The most memorable birthday was when I was in college (FYJC). My parents told me that they wont celebrate my birthday this year due to some problem but when I went home after college there was a surprise waiting for me. All my friends and relatives were present at home and there was a big party.

    The birthday you were waiting for?
    I was waiting for all the birthdays till my 25th one, but after that year there was no excitement at all.

    The birthday gift that you will never forget?
    Surprise and the quality time my loved ones give my on my birthday is the best gift.

    How do you wish to celebrate your birthday today?
    I will celebrate my birthday today with my family and by tomorrow will be going out with my friends.



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