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    Default TV Actress Hides From Cameras At A Hookah Raid

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    TV Actress Hides From Camera At A Hookah Raid

    Last night in an unexpected turn of events, Giaa Manek was seen at a hooka bar in the suburban neighborhood of Khar in Mumbai. Around 2 AM at night, police raided this restaurant cum bar which besides catering to dinners was apparently also supplying hokaaah to youngsters.

    During the raid, about 17 individuals were arrested as they had been caught having hookah, which is banned in public places as per the Cigarettes and BMC Act in Mumbai. Giaa was not arrested because she had not cosumed any hookah. However, television footage shows the actress covering her face with her hair as she fights off the camera and tries to hide from being caught on camera. Video footage also shows her hitting the camera as well as running to hide behind a tree. When the cameras followed her to her hiding spot, she finally was seen running to her car and leaving the scene.

    When we contacted Giaa Manek of Saath Nibhana Saathiya, she said, "Firstly being in a Hookah restaurant does not mean that they serve hookah's only, since its a hookah cum dinner restaurant so I and my family went to have a dinner in this restaurant. Its a new restaurant in the locality so we tried to check out with this one since we had an early dinner at 7pm so we only ordered starters. By the time we could pay the bill we witnessed a police raid in the restaurant and on an inquiry by the police I showed him the bill as a proof that I was not consuming Hookah or alcohol or doing anything illicit in the restaurant. So the police did let us go for we had done nothing illicit in the restaurant and by the time we left the restaurant there were media people around to get the news. But the issue has been blown out of proportion by the media and it makes me feel that I am paying the price for being a celebrity".

    On questioning her whether she actually consumes alcohol or hookah in real life she answers by saying "No, I don't and I don't like to talk about my personal life. But I would like to tell all my fans that they should not get carried away by my character since I too lead a normal life like any girl does, so I have that right to lead my life in my own way and its none of anybody's business to know about my personal life. I am different when in the character of "Gopi Bahu" in the serial and I am different when out of the character of "Gopi Bahu", but to be honest I don't support neither entertain illicit doings."

    Well we wonder was it a lucky day for the actress who had not consumed hookah? Or was it an unlucky day when she had gone to have a simple dinner with her family and was at the wrong place at the wrong time?



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