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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2010 Written Update

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    Part 1

    Episode starts with all of them going for shopping.... there Ketki asks them to choose necklaces for them. when they enquire about it the owner of the shop tells that if they purchase something beyond some range of money... they will get something along with it. Rashi sees one costly necklace and asks the owner... he says its worth 5 lakhs.... Rashi keeps it and tells herself that it's costly. Elesh asks Kinjal to join him. Ketki asks Jigar-Ahem who are standing together to help their wives in selecting the necklaces. Jigar moves happily... Ahem looks not interested. Gopi gets happy... Ahem chooses a simple necklace. Ketki tells it's very pretty and puts it on Gopi. Gopi happily shows it... Ahem looks at her... when she looks at him... he turns away. Jigar is busy choosing when Rashi chooses an expensive diamond necklace... Jigar tells it will be costly... but Rashi tells if i buy something cheap then Ketki won't like it and you guys don't know what's running in a woman's mind. Jigar tells he'll have to sit one day and learn these things from her. Ahem gets a phone call and moves away. Elesh chooses a necklace for her which has been selected by Ketki.... and is busy putting it when Kinjal sees Umang through the mirror.

    Part 2

    Elesh asks whether she liked it...Kinjal smiles and tells she likes it looking at Umang. Elesh & Ketki leave to ask the owner to pack it... Kinjal tells Umang through the mirror to go away.... Umang smiles and is about to leave when he stumbles into Ahem. Ahem drops his mobile and takes it back and is shocked to see Umang. Rashi sees this and realises that this is Kinjal's boyfriend Umang. Umang is angry... Ahem politely asks how is he... and how is..... after a pause he tells Anita. Gopi hears the word Anita and turns back. She gets a flashback of Ahem telling her that his only love is Anita and she can never take her place. Gopi also sees Umang and again gets a flashback of seeing him during the power cut at the house. Umang tells all are fine and asks Ahem to excuse him as he had come for some work and wishes to complete it. Umang leaves and eyes Kinjal. Gopi watches all this and realises that Umang is the same one she had seen that night.

    Part 3

    Hetal-Koki are planning the guest lists for the engagement and wedding... when Gopi-Rashi-Kinjal arrive. Koki asks where are Ahem-Jigar... Gopi informs that they left to office from the shop. Koki-Hetal ask them to show what they have purchased. when they see Kinjal's necklace Koki says it's very costly.... Koki also tells that she had told Ketki to purchase a simple one and she has not listened to my humble request. but is happy to see the selection Kinjal made. Kinjal informs that it is Ketki's selection... Hetal tells Ketki's selection is very good... Koki says after all she has also selected a good daughter in law for herself. when Kinjal takes leave.... Koki asks Gopi to show her the necklace.... Gopi shows it... Koki tells it's too delicate and good. and asks whether she selected it... Gopi blushesEmbarrassed... Rashi tells Ahem has selected it. Hetal-Koki smile and later Koki asks Rashi to show hers.... Rashi looks shocked but then shows it.... Koki-Hetal are shocked to see such a costly necklace. Koki asks her why did she buy such a costly necklace. Rashi fakes that Ketki forced her in taking it... and so she had to take it.
    Koki lets it go and asks them to do their respective jobs and asks Rashi to go and check whether she has kept the necklaces properly while they resume with their guest lists. Rashi storms into her room angrily and tells this Koki always needs a reason to shout at me. no one tells Koki when she roams in the house like a necklace shop. and sits to check the necklaces... Gopi enters the room and gives her medicine for putting it on her legs. Rashi asks her to keep it on the table and that she'll put it later.... Gopi asks for forgiveness for winning the competition Rashi asks her to leave and now it's of no use as she has already done that. and asks her not to disturb again as she is busy counting. Scene shifts to Ahem's office... he is looking at a file but his attention keeps wavering as he keeps thinking of Anita. he gets his diary and stares at their photo togetherand remembers when she had said I love you.... and also when she proposed for marriage and Ahem informs that his marriage is fixed also a flashback of her telling him to talk to his mother that he loves her and Ahem telling it's of no use and she leaves the room crying. The episode ends on Ahem's sad face


    Koki asks Rashi to get all the 17 boxes of the necklaces. Rashi goes to her room and counts it and is shocked to see there are only 16



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