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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th December 2010 Written Update

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    Part 1
    Jigar telling Kinjal that everything will be allright soon, Parag shouts no can be alright. Hetal asks Parag to not to do anything. Parag says how can i beat her and some more emotional dialogues. Jigar takes Parag with him, Hetal looks at Kinjal with disgusted expressions, Kinjal stops her ans wants to talk to her but Hetal says “There is nothing left to talk about, I always considered u and Aham as Kokila’s proud and u stooped so low. U could have told this atleast to Aham or Kokila but u dint do anything like that. U had two moms and u could have told this to me also. just think I myself cant bear this pain then what will be Kokila’s situation I cant even imagine.”
    Aham consoling Kokila, Kokila is crying badly blaming her values, also that she was failed in giving Kinjal better upbringing it was always my fault that My daughter turned out to be like this.Aham tries to calm her down and angry himself.
    (good scene as Finally Parag got some dialogues to speak)

    Part 2

    Aham still tries to console Kokila, sits on his knees and takes her hand in his and says:
    do u remember when i was a kid and cried when fell down, U always told me to stand again n walk again, at least to try as pain wont be lessen by just sitting and crying, so this the time when we all have to stand again on our own, I’ll make eveything right…do u have faith in me,
    (Amazing Acting by Nazim…he was just THE BEST here…..clearly visible expression of a son who is badly hurt looking at his mom shattered……….)
    Kokila nods for yes
    Aham kisses her hand: so I’ll take care of everything, we will overcome with this pain also, we will surely find some solution for this.
    and angrily leaves the room .
    Kokila is sitting on her room all shattered, Kinjal is in her room crying, Rashi is in kitchen eating something, while Parag-Chirag-Jigar-Hetal in a room together.
    Aham is walking down in corridor(looking too Hot and Dashing…..Angry Young man looks suits him…NHQ cant be measured……its almost 1000%), Gopi is reciting Gayatri Mantra to Baa, when Aham comes in front of Baa’s room, turns towards Gopi and looks at her. Gopi too looks at him. without stopping any further Aham moves forward.
    (best part of todays Epi…..just coz the way Kokila-Aham relationship is shown…how sweetly a Son can console his mom and how much faith a mom can have in his son….)

    Part 3
    Kinjal calls Umang and informs that her marriage is called off and everything is out, Umang is smirking and yes its a good news na, Kinjal is crying and continues its a good news but I had to pay a big price for it as My family had to face a lot humiliation and I tried to tell this to Mom also so she could settle the situation in her own way but m still confused who told Mehtas whole truth before Mom could have told this to them. and second thing is How Aham bhai will react after knowing the whole truth between u and me, as i know the cold war between u and Aham bhai. Umang says M not as heartless as ur bro, i wont leave u as he did to my sis. Kinjal says I love u umang and turns and is shocked to see Aham standing on the door and glaring at her.

    (NHQ again at its highest….) Kinjal drops her phone and Aham’s eyes wide opened and he enters the room, approaches her, looks at her then to dropped phone and again to her. Aham: who is the boy ?

    Kinjal: please bhai…I love him so much, i’ll tell u everything but not now..

    Aham: u love him, then why mom is getting the punishment for ur deeds, not just mom u ruined whole family’s pride. mom who always kept her head high, who was always proud of her kids, u killed her alive today. Really kinjal u have guts u never though once what will happen to mom after knowing all this and how easily to said u love him. I want to know the name of the boy whose love mad u crazy that u forgot about family pride and parents.
    Aham shouts again: speak up..kinjal speak up…i want to know who is he…

    Kinjal all the time crying and shredding tears.

    Kinjal is moving backwards while Aham following het and asking the name of the boy. at last kinjal reaches the wall and stops.

    Aham: tell me the name

    Kinjal: bhai u are so much angry now, please forgive me, i cant tell u now.

    At last he is about to slap her but Gopi calls his name from the doorstep comes running to and hides Kinjal behind her, Aham glares at her (change in Angry expressions….) folds her hand in front of him and pleads to not to do this. Aham yells at her “who are u ? Leave from here. dont u see this is a matter between me and my sis” Gopi still keeps holding Kinjal behind her and does not leave, while Aham still starring at both Kinjal and Gopi angrily. Aham again raises his hand to slap Kinjal, but this time Hetal holds his hand from back and says “she is not a kid anymore and grown up, so u cant do this now.”
    Aham says “u are right….absolutely right..this kid is not a kid anymore, she has grown up enough to give pain to her parents and elders”, turns towards Kinjal and continues “Kinjal really its useless to slap” to hetal “there wont be any effect on her…” and leaves the room.
    Kinjal hugs Hetal.
    Gopi standing there helplessly.
    (disappointed by this scene…..from the starting of this scene I was shouting for Aham to slap kinjal, i was just on the edge of my sofa and jumping that she will get what she deserves…but this Mahan Aatma Gopi Devi ruined everything…..was there any need for her to interfere between a Bro and Sis…let them fight and let me njoy….but na she is a Trouble Magnet and m sure her act of saving Kinjal will again send some older troubles in new packing to her….)

    Urmila is yelling at Milkman saying “why are u

    congratulating us, its ok that wedding is
    called off but did we tell

    anyone that its coz she is pregnant.” Gopi is all worried on her

    revelation. someone shouts her name from back, when Gopi and Urmila turn they are shocked to see Hetal and Kokila standing there.



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