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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2012 Written Episode

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    Rashi walks in to their room with tea and holding her back…Jigar is working on his laptop, Rashi gives him the tea, jigar without looking at her asks her to leave it on the table…Rashi doesn’t like it ..she goes behind jigar’s chair and hesitatingly holds his shoulders and tells him that he is working very hard, Jigar says that he has to finish the work as Ahem bhai cannot be disturbed now…Rashi tells him to at least take a small break. Jigar receives a call from Mehtaji and walks out of the room..Rashi is tired and irritated and holds her back and calls Urmi…

    Rashi starts her complaining that jigar has no time for her…urmi taunts rashi saying that now she has time for me…rashi tells that everyday something is happening , it a cat or water bed or jigar’s work and she says she does not want to make babies now …Urmi tells Rashi to open her closet and take out a packet – Rashi is excited and says did u leave a gift for me – urmi says yes she has to as rashi can’t do anything on her own …

    Rashi gets up and checks the closet and takes a packet and asks urmi what is it ?? Urmi says it is Bhang and asks rashi to make ladoos and give them to Jigar and tells her not to eat.. Rashi asks will this work Urmi says it worked for Ahem and Gopi and it will work for u as well and they end the call (my question how on earth did Urmi knew this about GoHem and Bhang ladoo)

    Ahem is pacing his room and is thinking that he needs to talk to mom,.but mom is not listening to him..and he decides to go and talk to gopi and walks to the door and then stops and thinks what to do ?? how to do? he decides to call her and then messages her saying that he wants to talk to her and to meet him once..and requests her to talk at least once

    Gopi is making the bed and there is a message beep on her phone..just then koki walks in with a glass of milk for gopi..says that she doesn’t want..koki puts her hand on gopi’s cheeks and says that she understands her situation, but she has to drink it not only for herself but also for the baby..Koki says that she wants gopi to be happy and eat and drink properly and only then the baby will be healthy …Koki leaves saying that she will check on the clothes on the terrace and parag is standing near the door …and they glare at each other and koki walks out past Parag…

    Parag follows Koki, in the corridor, Parag tells koki why is she separating Gopi and Ahem as neither of them are happy . Koki asks Parag not advice her as she knows what she is doing ..Parag tells he that they (gohem ) are husband and wife – they should not be separated like this…as it is not right…Koki says not to tell her what is right or wrong and questions him as what should a wife do when her husband refuses to take the responsibility of the baby and she further says that the wife should have the endurance and strength to raise the kid all on her own (here koki’s lines are indiirectly to Parag also) and walks away

    Rashi is frying besan, holding her back and cursing Urmi for thinking about such kalakaries..and thinks that making ladoo is not an easy task …and then adds the BHANG to the besan …Koki is walking near the stairs …Meethi comes and asks Koki what to make.. Koki says make anything – may be roti and sabzi.. meethi asks what sabzi — koki says making anything and asks meethi to get clothes from the terrace…

    Rashi is in the kitchen trying to add the bhang in the besan and the bhang falls on the floor and she sits on the floor and picks it up…Koki comes and screams Rashi!! and says when u can’t do 2 things at a time why is she cooking and cleaning at the same time — and tells her to concentrate on cooking – and tells her that she was not there to help during the puja and now also she is not working properly and asks her to prepare the dinner ASAP..and walks out of the kitchen calling for Meethi Rashi curses urmi for all this

    Haila rashi comes with the ladoos to her room and she says that he seems to be upset and here she have ladoos to cheer him up and tells her mummy has got these ladoos but because of the tension in the house urmi did not give them to jigar ,,and tells him to eat the ladoo to cheer up his mood.they have a few lighter moments ..and rashi was about to feed the ladoo to jigar..jigar takes the ladoo and says he will eat it and tells rashi to close her eyes rashi closes her eyes and talks something Jigar feeds the ladoo to rashi and says she is looking cute… Rashi was about to spit the bhang ladoo, jigar does not let her spit and rashi eats up the bhangofied ladoo…Rashi tells jigar to eat the ladoo .. jigar was about to pick up the ladoo, he receives a call from Mr.Desai

    Ahem is pacing his room looking at his phone..waiting for her reply.. and says gopi why are’nt u replying me, he is frustrated and angry and slams his phone on the bed (he needs to be packed off to an Anger Management course)

    Jigar comes back and sees Rashi playing with the ladoos in the plate, smiling to herself and tells jigar to eat ladoo ..jigar says he will eat later .. rashi says not later he has to eat now and smiles and giggles and laughs and says that she made ladooo with … and the ladoos fall to the floor ..Rashi is totally bhangofied and starts blabbering … jigar tries to put rashi to bed.. and jigar thinks that rashi’s behavior might be due to pain killer .. rashi sleeps.. jigar is back to work on his laptop

    Gopi checks her phone and reads the message which Ahem sent her and is crying ..gopi does not reply back and keeps the phone away

    Dining table – dinner time.. baa asks gopi to sit along with them and eat …koki says Jai shree krishna to Chirag.. Koki asks Jigar about Rashi – Jigar tells that she is not well and is resting ..Koki says she was fine in the evening what happened now…

    Ahem comes and stands next to gopi, they stare at each other.,.gopi has tears pooling in her eyes… Koki glares at Ahem .. Gopi avoids looking at Ahem.. Ahem sits next to Gopi .. Koki asks Meethi to take Ahem’s food to his room…Ahem Gopi and the rest of them are shocked (haven’t they got used to koki’s ways and her twists till now) Ahem says “Mom .. I came here…” one glare from koki and Ahem stops mid-way in his sentence ..Meethi tries to say .. Koki says to meethi to do as she says.. All are still shocked – episode ends on Ahem’s shocked face

    precap: Meethi opens the door ..the modis are still having their dinner — a lady in white tights and a brown kurti walks in everyone look at her and koki says “JIGNA”



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