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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1
    Kokila asks Aham whether he is alright, Aham replies that m ok and leaves to put bandage on his finger, and turns to leave while forcing himself to not look at Gopi. Gopi keeps staring at him. Urmila says To Win and To Lose is normal thing today someone won tomorrow someone else will win and looks at Koki with a winning smile while Koki looks downwards. Parag appreciates Dhawal and calls Mani to bring sweets and asks Dhawal to have sweet to celebrate the win, but Dhawal feeds him sweet saying “I want to celebrate my win with everyone”, Kokila looks at Parag fuming with anger.
    Dhawal gives sweet too Jigar, Gopi and everyone else, at last he reaches to Kinjal and offers her Sweet. Kinjal refuses at first but then Koki signals her to take it, so she picks up one Laddoo (motichoor ke laddooo..hmmm…yummmyyyy) but Dhawal gives her one more, Kinjal says I dont want but Dhawal replies this is not for u but for ur baby. On hearing this Kinjal puts her Laddoo on to plate and leaves. Everyone is worried. Kokila asks Dhawal to give her the plate.

    Then Dhawal moves into the direction where Kinjal went, Jigar observes this and goes to Dhawal. Jigar asks Dhawal to have breakfast but Dhawal says “i’ll be back in few minutes” saying so he comes down. While walking down on corridor Dhawal talks to himself “that he dint not talk properly with Kinjal and now he should say her sorry”
    In her room Kinjal gets a message and she opens it and some expression change on her face,m cofused whether she is happy or worried (also blooper when Kinjal opens the msg it was A BLANK Msg…not even a single word written in it…this fortnight i hv to work hard to decide Best Blooper amongst All)
    After reading text msg..Kinjal dials Umang’s landline number and gets A recording ” m not at home leave ut msg after beep” so she blurts out whole “Karnaama in one go” that

    I am trapped in a problem as my marriage is fixed with a gawar coz they think m pregnant and i dont know how will I tell everyone that i am not pregnant after this whole tamasha and it was just a plan to get rid of Elesh so that we can get marry.

    Umang is listening all this to other side of phone with all sort of smiling, smirking expressions.

    Kinjal continues: Please meet me so that we can tell every one that m not pregnant and if this marriage will happen then it will be A Blunder and then I wont have any other option except Suicide.
    Finally we got to see Dhawal Babu standing behind Kinjal ben and listening her Last Few words (or whole convo…m doubtful)

    Part 2

    Parag asks Jitu bhai to stay some more time but Urmila says she has to leave early as she has to do preparation for marriage. And we cant match Modi’s but still being from Groom’s side we have to do so many things.

    Hetal folds her hands in front of her while Kokila asks through eyes what she is doing but

    Hetal asks Urmila to not to go overboard with any ceremony also wants her to do all the ceremonies in Modi Mansion only as Kinjal is Family’s only daughter. Kokila too supports Hetal that All the ceremonies should be done with all rituals but in Simple way.

    Dhawal comes to terrace again all lost.

    Urmila asks Hetal that she wants to take Rashi alongwith her for doing things during marriage. Hetal agrees but Rashi refuses at first but then Hetal forces her so Rashi too agrees. Rashi asks Urmila to leave and she will come after finishing some household chores.

    All leave while Dhawal still lost. Gopi observes him and stops him, then thanks him for helping her family, also that she has full faith in him that he will keep Kinjal Ben happy.

    Dhawal just nodes his head (so another Dumbo in competition with Gopi…)
    Kokila is sitting in front of Kanha Idol, all sad and silent. Hetal comes to her and asks reason why she is here all sad.

    Kokila says”I am asking Kanha ji, why he keeps things as secret coz at last everything happens as per his wish only. We matched Kinjal-Elesh horoscope, fixed the alliance thinking that family is good and so the boy is. Its Kinjal’s good fate only. But alliance was broken with the boy my daughter loved. And today she is abt to marry in a family where I never wanted to….I never liked Urmila ben due to her Antics and Behavior but its Kanha Ji’s leela that today her Act saved my daughter’s ruined future. I still cant believe it but still m trying to convince my innerself who is asking me again n again whether I took right decision or not”

    Part 3

    Hetal takes her hand in hers and tells her See where we are sitting, we are sitting in Kanha Ji’s feet, He is not just keeps secret but also plays his Game. He not just played Raas-Leela with hi Gopis but also saved Draupadi’s honor. And our Kanha Ji came to our house and he saved our Kinjal honor too. M sure she will be happy in that home and m happy just by thinking that our kinjal will be there in front of our eyes we can meet her when we will want to.

    Kokila agrees saying may be u are right.
    So Hetal advices her to start Wedding preparations.

    Jigar enters his room where Rashi is busy in writing something, Jigar asks her what she is doing.

    Rashi replies m making list of all necessary things for Sangeet and other ceremonies. continues Kinjal is ur only sister same way Dhawal bhai is my only bro so if u can give me some cash we can try our best to do wedding in best way as financial condition of my house is not very good. Coz expenses of Dhawal Bhai’s wedding will be a burden on mom and dad so if we can help them indirectly otherwise they will feel bad. So if we can take responsibility of some ceremonies,

    Jigar interrupts u are very right and gives her some cash. and Rashi thanks him, Jigar replies are we different. Rashi changes the topic that I cant believe that Kinjal ben is marrying my bro, Jigar says I m so happy that Kinjal is so dear to u also. Rashi leaves saying i hv to do some shopping while going my mom’s house while Jigar keeps staring at her with a Toothy Smile and Admiring look. (Another Dumbo of the show… more comments…)

    Part 4

    In her room Baa is thanking Thakur Ji for solving the problem, and says we need not to think what all happened as what ever happens its for Good only. also its said that “Couples are made in heaven”

    Gopi goes sad thinking abt her “Jodi”. Just then Kinjal comes and sits near Baa. Baa kisses her forehead and blesses her also mentions an incident of Kinjal’s childhood that how Koki scolds her for asking pickle and she starts crying and how Baa used to give her pickle w/o telling Kokila to make her happy.But for last few days she could not do anything while seeing Kinjal crying except praying to Kanha ji for solving the problems. And also blessed her that she will be happy with her husband.

    Gopi is all emotional while seeing both Baa- Kinjal convo.

    Kinjal replies I love u all and cant think to give u all troubles but Baa interrupts no but now

    In Urmila’s home = CM (Coal Mine) Jitu bhai asks urmi to give some money, urmi acts to search for keys. Dhawal is abt to tell her something but she does not let him speak and asks him to give some money as she forgot where she kept keys.Dhawal brings his wallet out but Urmila takes his wallet and gives all money to Jitu bhai. And gives empty wallet to Dhawal.

    He again tries to speak something but urmila questions him back whether he felt bad coz she asked for money

    he nods for no,

    urmi continues from now onwards u need not to worry abt money as u’ll wash ur hands in Modi Ganga, and u’ll play in lakhs.

    Dhawal again says its not abt money phai…

    and this time Rashi enters and Urmila asks Dhawal to leave for tailor as she has to go to market with Rashi.

    both U-R leave while Dhawal keeps staring at them.
    (kya ghanchakkaro wala show hai…all females say their bits and leaves….while males can only Stare at them)

    Urmila to Rashi: i am scared that small kagdi should not mess up with our plan. Rashi asks what she did. Urmila says she herself lied to everyone in home abt her false pregnancy
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