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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th April 2011 Written Update

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    PART 1
    CM – Kin gives tea to Dh, Urmila calls from behind. They turn to see Urmila in a blue track suit complete with bangles & jewelery. Dh spits out his tea & Kin controls her laughter. Urmila asks them how does she look. Kin keeps laughing & Dh can’t find his voice. Urmila says she has to go walking jogger with some lady in her ‘trick’ suit (absolutely correct suit for her) ROFL Dh corrects her that it’s track suit & she says what does it matter as long as she looks good. Kin bursting out laughing & agrees she is looking good . Urmila makes a face & leaves. Dh says Foi is looking queet & Kin laughingly correct him it’s cute (queer more like it).

    MM – Koki is helping Nani to pack. She requests Nani to stop for some more days, not to punish her orelse she’ll feel very bad. Nani says she came here to rid herself of her loneliness. All of Koki’s siblings are settled abroad. Nani says she got lots of love but got some sadness too. Three generations live here together, but they only exist together. There is no unity in the young, even a husband-wife relation is like the two shores of a river which never meet & that’s what upset & worry her. Seeing your son & daughter-in-law’s relation hurt me a lot. Today Ahem has you, but after you who’ll be there for him. the cracks will increase till they’ll be difficult to fill. Koyili, I promise you the day the distance between GoHem disappears & they understand the relationship, I’ll come back again. Koki is in deep thought.

    Night – Gopi is unable to sleep & keep remembering Nani’s words while looking at Ahem in deep sleep. She wishes she could tell him that in 24 hrs, night is the only time when she can have her fill of looking at him & remembers Ahem scolding her in the evening. She tells herself she’ll have to be strong & remember Nani’s words. She prays that god gives her strength & keep Ahem well till he comes to her.

    PART 2
    Morning – Nani is getting ready to go & getting hyper, but Parag calms her saying he’s taking her to the station. HeRag take her blessing, then Ahem moves forward, but Gopi doesn’t. Nani immediately looks at Koki while Ahem turns back towards Gopi & Koki signals to her. Gopi goes forward & GoHem take Nani’s blessings. Next it’s RaJi’s turn & Nani reminds rashi to take care of her treasure. Rashi immediately sobers up & moves aside. Nani starts to leave, but Koki reminds her to meet Baa & Nani replies that she’s already met her & said bye. Nani tells Gopi she’ll remember her whenever she uses the mala. Gopi gets the tiffin for Nani while Nani wishes that the M family always stays together like the beads on a mala. Nani leaves & takes one last look at Koki.

    Ahem starts to leave, but Koki stops him saying she’s got an important thing to be said in front of all the family members & especially Ahem (what about Parag, doesn’t he count? Confused). Ahem asks what is it while rashi frowns. Koki says when Nani had suddenly arrived, for her Gopi was called back after being sent away. Now that Nani has left, Gopi will not go back again. Ahem is stunned as is everyone while Jigar smiles.

    PART 3
    Koki continues says that Gopi is not only the Modi bahu but she’s also your wife. She has as much right on this house as any of us living her. That’s why she won’t leave this house. Hetal is happy while Rashi is scowling. Ahem is frowning & Gopi is dazed. Koki says this is my final decision. Camera zooms on everyone’s faces. Ahem moves forward & tells Koki that he’s always obeyed her, never said no. You know what I’m trying to say & now you are starting the whole thing again. Koki says that what I’m telling you, the whole thing will not be repeated, meri Gopi vau is not an object to be moved around whenever desired. She’s your wife. Ahem, I’m a woman, before a mother, I’m a wife & I can understand very well what Gopi vau feels as a wife. No matter how much you run away from the truth, you can’t refute the fact that she’s your wife & will remain forever. And that’s why it’s my decision that Gopi will not leave this house. Ahem looks at her & suddenly picks his bag & storms out. Hetal calls out & Jigar moves to go after him. But Koki stops hi saying not to talk to ahem, that she’ll talk to him. Hetal cautions her & Koki leaves for the office.

    Rashi thinks how did the situation suddenly channge? Jigar looks at Gopi standing worried, indicates to Hetal & she goes to console Gopi. She says don’t worry, Koki will make everything alright & Chirag agrees. Gopi is sent to her room with the assurance that everyone is with her. Hetal tells Rashi to help her make breakfast. They leave. Jigar looks at Gopi & leaves. Gopi looks at the radha-krishna statue.

    Ahem is scowling & Koki calls him from behind. She says I know what you’re thinking. Ahem tells her how could you do this when you know what my feelings are towards her. I can’t bear her at all. Koki says we’d sent her & we’d called her back, why. Ahem replies for Nani. Koki says you’re right, she came back on our calling her. That means it was for our own selfishness, but Gopi is a human, we can’t use her for own selfishness like a lifeless object. Today for the bad state of your relation I alone am responsible. I am wrong & I’m the cause. Ahem is stunned & reaches out to hold her hand. He says no you can never be worng. Koki says if you have even an iota of trust in your mother, listen to me before saying anything. You’ve always been an obedient son & will always carry out your duty. You married the girl I chose, but I made one mistake by not informing you on what basis I chose her. Ahem says I know you, you always thought for my good, but regarding the marriage, the major mistake has been that she is not worthy to be my wife. You can try a thousand times to make her worthy of me, but she can never become my choice. Never! Koki is standing stunned throughout this dialogue.

    Ahem is packing & Gopi asking if he’s going somewhere. When he doesn’t respond she says Ahemji. Ahem says stop this Ahemji Ahemji, I’m going but not leaving the house understand. Koki comes & glares. Ahem is shocked



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