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    Default saath Nibhana Saathiya - 18th March 2011 Written Update

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    etal, Nani n kokila are sitting in the lounge all stand up, (rashi ki jalan)LOL Nani says Gopi vahu come to me, Gopi nods n goes to her, koli Gopi looks beautiful n when aham sees her he will not take his eyes off her, kokila proud, Nani looks at gopis nails Vah beautiful, kokila says to Gopi vahu come here, Gopi goes to kokila she also looks at her happy n then looks at her nails she also looks at rashi n can see the jalan Dead in rashis face, Rashi looks at her own nails which are bad, Rashi in self thought everyone likes her nails n my nails are broken due to the hard work n no one cares. Kokila looks at rashi, i think kokila says to gopi they are beautiful. Rashi is peeved, Hetal nani n gopi are all smiling.....Read more



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