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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2011 Written Update

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    Ahem calls Up Urmila and Urmila somehow gives the Phone to Kinjal..Ahem asks Kinjal about Dhaval’s new work..Kinjal tells that she Knows about it and tells Ahem not to tell it to Kokila..Kokila tells Gopi to make Gulab Jamuns for Ahem..Using little Mava..Rashi tries to go in the Kitchen..Jigar catches her and tells her that he has brought for her a Gift! Rashi tells that she has lot of work..He gives her adiamond ring..Just then Ahem calls up and tells About the Phone Bill..Jigar is shocked.Jigar tells Ahem to Remove some money from his account . Jigar Shouts at Rashi..Rashi leaves by saying that If u had so much Problem then u hadn’t to give me this Gopi keeps the Gulab Jamuns aside..and leaves the kitchen…Rashi is doing something with the Gulab Jamuns! Gopi reaches the kitchen and see’s Rashi doing something she is shocked and Asks her whatshe is doing..Rashi is telling that u have done all this for Ahem so just to make this look better…for that I added these things and see i have brought some namkeens also! Urmila Is asking Kinjal how is dhaval’s work on Kinjal tells Urmila to ask him only…Urmila asks weather Kokila knows about it..Here Rashi brings and keeps all the Things on the Table! Kokila tells Gopi that she just told to make Gulab Jamuns! Why did u make so many things more! Rashi interrupts and says Gopi made all this fast..But gopi tells the truth that Rashi brought this from outside..Ahem comes there and tastes the Gulab Jamuns and is Very Happy he tells that he will take one more..Kokila tells him that Gopi made the Gulab Jamuns..Ahem stops eating and tells Kokila to send it to his room..Kokila tells Gopi not to worry…because everything turned out well…Rashi is talking to Urmila…Rashi tells Urmila About this thing..Urmila is very happy..and tells her to keep doing this..And very soon Ahem will throw Gopi out! Rashi is scared weather Ahems heart will melt..Urmila tells Ahem’s heart is like a stone it won’t melt like an ice so easily..!

    Rashi is telling Hetal I missed My Mummy a lot i Swiss that is why i called her…3 4 calls i made that doesn’t mean u all will start asking me and make me a criminal..In this House..Kokila hears all this and screams RASHI!



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