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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1

    Baa comes and sits on Koki's bed, and says Parag told her everything. Koki says now what do we do. Baa smiles and says you will eat Gopi's khichdi. It's my order. Don't worry, everything will be ok soon. Ahem feeds Koki who has tears in her eyes. Baa, Gopi and Ahem all give faint smiles.

    Rashi calls Urmila and complains how long she takes to answer. Urmi says she's still smarting from Koki's taunts and it takes time. Rashi says you think only about yourself, there's so much which has happened here. Urmi is at once agog and Rashi relates how Umang was hunted down, how he refused to marry Kinjal and that Koki fainted. Everyone is worried. Urmi says Koki's bad time started when she humiliated Urmi. She says I'll take revenge or my name is not Urmi . Rashi says you only talk big, but what will you do? Urmi says this thing is not to be told on the phone, but it has to be done. Rashi asks how. Urmi says it has to be done in your house, but after the way I was humiliated, I can't come there so easily again so soon. But it'll happen when I come there.

    Next morning, Gopi comes to Koki's room. Ahem, sleeping on the edge of the bed, wakes and scolds her that mom is still sleeping not to disturb her. Gopi says she only wanted to give the arti to Koki. Ahem tells her to leave. Koki wakes and tells Ahem that Gopi knows the importance of morning arti for Koki. She takes it and nods to Ahem to take it too.

    Part 2

    Ahem takes arti. Gopi takes Koki's blessings. She says that Baa and Hetal want to know how Koki is and they want to come to her room. Koki says no need, that she'll get dressed and come downstairs. Ahen refuses, but Koki says that instead of lying in her room and thinking bad thoughts, she wants to immerse herself in household tasks. Ahem asks Koki to promise that she won't worry about Kinjal and also promises that he'll fix everything soon.

    Rashi is peeking out of the kitchen and sees Hetal coming. Quickly she starts talking on the phone. She says Mummy don't cry pls. and that everything will be ok soon. Urmi says good and now say what I told you next. Rashi says like you said sometimes these happen. She turns and sees Hetal and stops. She quickly tells bye, but Hetal says to give her the phone and takes the phone. Urmi tells Rashi not to give the phone to her saas knowing fully well that Hetal is listening. Hetal says don't feel bad about what Koki told her. Urmi says I didn't mind, but maybe Koki feels I'm not a part of the family, that I'm poor compared to you all and therefore I don't deserve any izzat. Since I can't come there, and Rashi is my only daughter so send her to here 1-2 times in the week pls. Hetal says don't say that, this is your home and come whenever you feel like. Urmi says your saying that is enough for me. Hanging up, Urmi gives an evil smile.

    Part 3

    Rashi says thanks, that her mummy was very upset. Hetal says not to worry. Gopi comes and tells Koki is awake, better and is coming down. Hetal thanks god, asks her to inform Baa and tells Rashi let's make breakfast and something light for Koki.

    Kinjal tries Umangs phone. Jigar is walking in thoughts. He says how to talk to Kinjal and goes to her room. She's crying and asks for a favour, she says to ring Umang, maybe he'll pick up the phone. Jigar says he won't and asks her to forget Umang as he's not worthy of her love. Kinjal says you people don't understand and that it's all your plan as they don't want her happiness and don't want her to get married. She leaves.

    Koki is in the drawing room with everyone. Hetal says that she'll bring Koki's breakfast here. Koki asks about everyone's breakfast. Ahem and Chirag tell her not to worry about the others, just get well soon.

    Kinjal comes rushing downstairs and everyone watches in fascination. Kinjal comes to Ahem and asks where is my Umang, where have you hidden him. She says it's a deliberate attempt to stop her marriage. All of you are acting. I don't believe that Umang would be evil. He loves me and won't leave me in this condition. What happened yesterday, it didn't happen but you did it all. And then you all said bad things about him. Jigar says we care for you. Koki tells Kinjal to shut up. Kinjal says it's all Ahem's doing. Koki again asks her to shut up. Ahem orders her to go to her room. Jigar advises her to listen to Ahem. Gopi says Kinjal needs rest. Jigar and Gopi take her to her room.

    Koki is worried again and clutches her head. Ahem says not to worry, I have a solution. Chirag asks what. Ahem says there's only one solution and glares.

    Koki is saying "Wah! Mota bhabi Wah! You are giving this good news to every Sheila Neela Urmila. Better you had published this in the newspaper!" Hetal is shocked, Urmila is as usual open-mouthed and Rashi is worried.



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