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    Default Rucha Hasabnis 'art' addiction!

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    Rucha Hasabnis who is good at painting shares with us her passion for fine arts!

    Like every normal person she too has an inclination towards the creative field. An interest in painting, music, reading or dancing helps us know ourselves better as a person. This is something that we are very close to and always cherish.

    Rucha Hasabnis aka Raashi Modi from Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus tells us about her first love which is for fine arts. Painting is something which she is totally fond of. Let's have a look as to what she has to say about it -

    What does fine art mean to you?
    To me, fine art is relaxation. I get absolute pleasure when I indulge in it.

    Were you good at fine arts right from the beginning and how did your interest originate in it?
    Yes! I am very good at fine arts right from my childhood days. Well, I was interested in fine arts ever since I was a child. My uncle and my father are artists and they are very much inclined towards painting. They insisted that I give my Elementary and Inter-mediate drawing exams even though I was then in college since these exams are actually supposed to be given when you are in school.

    Did anyone encourage you to get into arts?
    My father encouraged me to get into painting and arts. He is still in this profession. When I was in school, he used to help me with my drawings and projects and that's when he realized that even I have that potential to become a good artist.

    Do you still practice arts and how do you manage to remove time from your busy schedule?
    I actually love painting. Since the time Saath Nibhana Sathiyaa has started, I don't get much time, but, I sometimes paint when I am free. When I am at home, just chilling, I paint something. Also, on a lazy afternoon at home, I start drawing anything in random. I also make greeting cards for my friends and family sometimes.

    Do you visit art exhibitions?
    Initially, I used to visit art exhibitions a lot, but since past two years because of my shooting schedule I don't really get time to visit exhibitions. Now, I want to re-start my visits soon.

    Would you any day change your profession and get into the creative art field?
    No, I have never thought of changing my profession, but I would like to polish my painting skills and explore more.

    Something that you always desired to paint?
    I have always desired to paint Ganpati Bappa. So that's something I would want to paint.



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