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    Default Rashi plays with Hetal’s mind!

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    Rashi is following Urmila’s instructions and trying every possible means to create rift between Hetal and Kokila. Her ploys are working fine and the devrani- jethani are having difficulty dealing with each other.

    Our sources from Saathiya Saath Nibhana tell us, “Urmila always wanted Rashi to outshine Gopi and dreamt of Rashi becoming the eldest bahu of the Modi family. But her dreams were shattered when Kokila selected Gopi for Aham. Now, she is playing her cards by executing her plans through Rashi by creating a discord between Kokila and Hetal. Rashi, smartly is turning Hetal against her own devrani, Kokila. Hetal being the innocent types is getting trapped in Rashi’s words and thinks that Kokila and Aham, singlehandedly are running the Modi family and Jigar is ignored. Rashi manages to convince Hetal that Aham is always given the first preference in the house and at work too.”

    “In yesterday’s episode we will see Rashi lying to Hetal and Jigar that Aham will be gifting a new car to Jigar. Aham, was in fact planning to buy one car for Jigar and another one for him but on Chirag’s insistence he plans to gift his own car to Jigar, as he is fond of his car. We will see both Hetal and Jigar in low spirits when Aham hands over his old car keys to Jigar and drives a new one himself.”

    A disheartened Hetal says, “As a mother I always wanted best for my son, Jigar. Both Aham and Jigar are equal for me but I now I have realised that Aham has always been given more priority, be it in office or at home. ”

    Rashi says, “I hope my plan works well and mummyji turns against kakiji. Also, I don’t want to become another Hetal in the Modi house. My plan is to rule the Modi house in future and remove the tag of being the younger bahu in the house. ”

    Will Rashi succeed in her plans? Or Will Hetal realise her mistake for misunderstanding Kokila and Aham’s intentions for Jigar? To know, watch Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Mon-Fri, 7pm.



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