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    Default I would like to play Aamir's character in Ghajini' - Mohammad Nazim

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    Mohammed Nazim who is best recognized as Ahem- Gopi Ka Pati from popular show Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya opens up for an exclusive chat.

    What are the shows you have done?
    I have done shows like Shaurya Aur Suhani, CID, Aahat.

    How does it feel to have a new Gopi in the serial?

    Initially it was a very strange feeling, because me and Giaa Manek have
    worked for two years. Between us, we have some of best memories with
    the show. Off the screen also we are great friends. When you work
    together for so many hours everyday you will become friends. I will
    miss her badly. When Devoleena Bhattacharjee stepped in it was a completely new show
    for her. For her also it will take some time to get tuned. Both of us are
    trying hard to make the chemistry work between the characters.

    You had a good tuning with Gia, now how are you adjusting with Devoleena?

    As an actor extending a comfort factor to your co-star is the main
    thing. I am trying my best to provide Devoleena with that.
    Incidentally we have some romantic scenes so for that we need to have
    that chemistry between us. The romantic scenes should look realistic.
    Off the camera we chat and discuss a lot - I tell her if you want to
    discuss any particular scene with me, please do that. Exchange of
    ideas it is very important. I want our chemistry to be the best in the

    When you signed up for the show, did you ever think it would be popular especially since it was in the 7 pm slot?

    Never had I expected the show to be this successful because our
    time-slot was quite early. I just hoped that the show does well as our
    story had an unusual concept and we have really worked hard for it. I
    am really happy that people like the show a lot. What has to work
    works.Tv industry and audiences are unpredictable at times.

    How would you rate this character as compared to the ones you played previously?

    Ahem is definitely the best role in my career. Whatever I am today it is because of this character only. Ahem is not a very regular daily soap character.
    He is an arrogant business man who is a mama's boy. It's always tough
    to enact a complex character than a sweet loving kind of guy. I guess
    Ahem is being liked by the audience the way it has been written by the
    writers. Where ever I go people recognize me because of the

    Are you thinking of doing any other shows? Why haven't you taken up any reality show?

    At this point I am satisfied with my show Saathiya - but given a
    chance I would not mind participating in a reality show. I would
    always love to portray an anti-hero character like Salman Khan did in
    Baaghi or what Sanjay Dutt played in Yaalgar. I also liked Aamir
    Khan's character in Ghajini. These characters demand a special talent
    within you - that challenges me as an actor. I would like to
    participate in reality shows which are adventure and sports based. I'm surely open for Fear Factor

    Do you feel good looks are important for a male actor?

    In acting good looks is just a factor. If you can't act good looks
    can't help you. On the other side if you are good looking you can
    charm the audience with that. But eventually you have to work on your
    acting skills. People often ask me how I will rate myself as an actor
    - I would give myself 7-8 out of 10.

    Your look has been same throughout in the show? Dont you feel stagnant? Don't you feel your look needs a makeover?

    Ahem Modi is a corporate guy who is in senior position. He has to
    dress in blazers and suits. That has been the look kept in the show
    right from the beginning. For me also it was for the first time,
    because off the screen I am very much a tshirts-jeans guy. Feeling of
    stagnancy has not yet caught me, because I enjoy playing Ahem. But
    given a chance I would like to see Ahem in more colourful suits and
    shirts. Whether Ahem needs a makeover or not, I leave that to my fans.

    Don't you think your show is more woman dominated? What do you feel about it?

    Most of the shows on Indian television are woman oriented. In our
    family also women are the boss! They are the home maker and decide
    looking at everybody's comfort level. I have no problem working in the
    current setup. Look at the brightest side of it - Ahem is as popular
    as Gopi and that is more than enough for me.

    What changes you have noticed in the industry over the years?

    In the last five years professionally I have seen many ups and downs
    and struggled a lot. Now I have finally made a name which is a great
    self gift I have got with God's blessings. Concept wise the options
    are more now; actors can pick and choose their projects. Competition
    has become much tougher, you have to be the best in your own way.

    Which programs you love to watch and why?

    I like to watch shows like Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, CID,
    Saubhagyabati Bhava - Iss pyaar ko is the perfetct love story,
    chemistry between the lead is very good. CID I love because of its
    story telling and Saubhagyabati Bhava for the message on domestic
    vilolence,I also love to watch Karanvir's performance in that.



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