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    Default People thought I was pregnant and quitting Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Rucha Hasabnis

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    Just when you think she is going to change, she never ceases to go back to square one and hatch a larger shadyantra every time! The enticing and captivating Rucha Hasabnis, never fails to impress the viewers with her distinct acting style and excellent screen-presence. She is popular for playing the role of the spicy and manipulative lead Rashi on Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

    In conversation with us, the alluring actress gets a little chatty and answers some fun questions for our Quickie section. Take a look.

    What is your comfort food after a hard day’s work?

    I love the food that my Mom cooks. In short I like having ghar ka khana.

    Most played songs on your iPod?

    The song that tops my playlist is Glad you came by The Wanted.

    If you were to get stuck somewhere with no phone or internet, where would it be and with whom?

    I would want to get stuck on a beach with all my school besties. My girls are more than enough to keep me company and together we will have a ball.

    Live-in or marriage?

    Of course marriage.

    Love is…

    Love is everything that a person needs.

    Sex is…

    Sex makes a relationship complete.

    Craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?

    People thought I was pregnant and was quitting the show! I was shocked to no limits! As hilarious as it sounds, they even zoomed in the camera lens to show how flat my tummy was!(Laughs)

    What is best done slowly: eating or kissing?

    Eating. I am an extremely slow eater. I love relishing the food I have.

    Every person needs?

    Every person needs his parents and a companion who will stand by him.

    What is something that you need to stop doing immediately?

    I need to stop being impatient about things. I am working on it right now and will hopefully make it through.

    What have you always wanted to do but never done?

    I always wanted to go scuba-diving and I am looking forward to doing it soon.

    One word that describes you?




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