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    Default An ideal bahu should have Gopi's goodness and Rashi's smartness - Rucha Hasabnis

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    Rashi, the difficult bahu of the Modi household, is the most entertaining character of Star Plusí Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Sunrise Productions). Rucha Hasabnis has essayed the role of the spoiled bahu quite well. In this interview with us, she speaks on her character (insists that Rashi isnít negative), dismisses rumours of a romantic liaison with her co-star Vishal Singh, discusses her hobbies and a lot more. Excerpts:

    Viewers would scold you for making Gopiís life miserable. Do they still do that?

    They would do that in the beginning but donít do so anymore as my character has changed for the better.

    Are you happy with this change?

    I would get stressed while playing a negative and hyper Rashi. In fact, it was taking a toll on my health and was very stressful. I am glad that she has mellowed now.

    Nevertheless, was it fun to play the difficult Rashi?

    It was indeed fun to play the former Rashi. However it got somewhat monotonous too. I have played Devika who was a good bahu on my first show Char Chaughi which was in Marathi. In fact she was a bahu who was tormented by her mother-in-law. Itís nice that I have been able to play two entirely different kinds of bahus.

    Have you met any bahu like Rashi?

    Many mothers-in-law come and tell me that they have a daughter-in-law like Rashi. My advice to bahus is that they should have a blend of both traditional and modern values. The ideal bahu should have the goodness of Gopi and the smartness of Rashi.

    Do you think motherhood will change Rashi for better?

    I really donít know. I am trying to find out the same from the writers but am yet to know what they have planned. I donít think they will water down the masala in Rashiís character though. The complications that she causes takes the plot forward in a very entertaining way. I however feel that Rashi isnít negative, she is just influenced by her mom. In fact I think she is positive.

    We hear that you are engaged to Vishal Singh, who is your co-star on the show. Is that true?

    He is just my on screen husband. God knows how these rumours are spread! Even on Facebook, our fans sometimes think we are in a relationship. I want to clear all these rumours.

    How is Vishal different from Jigar Modi- the character he plays on the screen?

    Vishal isnít soft spoken and shy like Jigar. He is outgoing and an extrovert who will be the first person to talk to you. He does have a lot in common with Jigar though.

    What are your hobbies?

    I like to read all kinds of books be it romantic novels or autobiographical books- I like the book as long as the story is good. I love listening to music- both old and new numbers, jazz and instrumental. I play squash, table tennis, volleyball and softball. I enjoy swimming and cycling. I dabble in canvas and regular painting. I paint the sketches drawn by my close friend Shruti Mohite.

    What kind of roles would you never do?

    I refuse to do cheap vampish roles and bold characters like that of a prostitute.

    Your dream role is likeÖ.

    It is Rani Mukherjiís role of a visually challenged and hearing impaired girl in the movie Black.

    Are you open to participating in reality shows including Bigg Boss?

    I am not too sure if I would like to be an inmate of the Bigg Boss house. I regret that I was offered Fear Factor but had to turn it down year after year because of my commitment to Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

    What about the Indian TV industry would you like to change?

    TV artistes shouldnít be made to work for so many hours on a daily basis.



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