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    Default Will Gopi be able to save Kokila In Maha Episode?

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    If you thought Rashi’s ouster from the Modi house would make her regret herlies and manipulations, think again. In the maha episode of STAR Plus’ hit show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, Rashi and her mother Urmila will hatch yet another plan with serious consequences.

    A source divulges, “In the maha episode, Urmila will want the Modis to accept Rashi back into their fold and will challenge Kokila that shewill force them to do so. The entire Modi family doesn’t relent or cower underher threats. Urmila will then lie on the gate in an effort to humiliate the Modis before their neighbourhood. Much to her chagrin though, no one will pay any attention to her. By late night, Urmila will hatch a plan and post someantics, and the next morning, she will beat and pinch Rashi and frame the Modis– especially Koki, in a dowry case. Gopi will provide proof that Modis are innocent as she will show the CCTV footage of Urmila exit at night but right before capturing the crucial moment, the CCTV camera will be blocked.”

    Gopi wants justice for Rashi and Modis, and says, “I don’t want my family to be incriminated in a false case. I will help them and prove their innocence. But I am sympathetic towards Rashi ben as well. I think there has been a huge misunderstanding somewhere and she is not at fault. She would never do anything so serious as to harm her marriage. I know she wants to be with Jigarji and Iwant to help her as well.”

    Rashi who after a brief moment of regret is back to her old ways, adds, “I want what is due to me. I said I was sorry so why can’t they let bygones. Didn’t my mother forget all of Kinjal’s past and accept her as herbahu. Why can’t the Modis forget the past and accept me?”

    Will Gopi be able to save Koki? Watch the maha episode of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya on Saturday at 8pm on STARPlus.



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