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    Default Getting candid with the twins Tolu-Molu: Pratap and Paras of Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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    Post the leap on Saath Nibhana Saathiya, we are witnessing the performances of two good looking youngsters, Pratap Hada and Paras Babbar.

    The two, who play the twins Tolu and Molu, are also very close in real life. From clicking selfies to making funny videos to being brats, Paras and Pratap are always up to something exciting.

    We decided to get candid with the actors. We decided to speak to them individually, asking them similar questions. And we were actually taken aback with the Ďsimilaritiesí in their thoughts!

    Here have a look of our fun conversation:

    You guys wear the same clothes on screen, ok with it?

    Pratap: It gives me that 'back to school' kind of a feeling, but I like it. Being a single child, I am experiencing a sibling's bond with this show. We are actually really similar, enjoy the same things and do the same kind of stupidities.

    Paras: Have you seen our chemistry? We are completely like brothers and I have no qualms about it. I have a brother in real life, but I equally enjoy my time with Pratap.

    One twin quality that you have in real?

    Pratap: Trust me, we have the same equations and similar tastes. One thing that is common is that we both stop at the same sugarcane stall and have a glass of refreshing juice before coming to the sets....even if we are late (laughs).

    Paras: We both go bonkers on caps and goggles.

    One thing that makes you different?

    Pratap: I think our choice in music is a little different. Paras enjoys the typical romantic emotional songs, whereas I am more of an English jazz listener.

    Paras: We both enjoy dancing but Pratap is better than me, and that makes us different.

    Who is like your real twin on the sets?

    Pratap: Paras, I mean I feel Paras has been created by cloning me. Though Vishal (Singh) and Ashish (Sharma) are also great friends, Paras and I are like twins in the real sense.

    Paras: Who else but Pratap! We are also close to Vishal and Ashish, but we two are soul brothers.

    You guys also keep shooting really funny videos?

    Pratap: You wonít trust me, but we just look at each other and realise that itís time for some fun and we get going. We love making those videos and people also appreciate them.

    Paras: Oh yes, we put in so much effort into it. The videos help us to shed our inhibitions and enjoy ourselves!

    Time to share a secret of your twin?

    Pratap: Paras freaks out in his room, dancing like crazy! I have seen him do that and itís really fun. He really enjoys dancing.

    Paras: Pratap goes into a corner on the sets and tries to sing. Though I love him, I must say he is a really bad singer (laughs). But hats off to him for trying.

    Anything you want to tell each other?

    Pratap: It is a blessing to have met you and you are a true brother for me. I donít know how fate got us together but I am really glad to have you beside me. Love you, Paras!

    Paras: From the bottom of my heart, I want to tell Pratap that he is a brother for life. As much as I love my family, I love him equally.

    Aila! Seriously, these guys seem to be in true love...bromance, we mean!



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