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    Default "In these five years I and Rucha have travelled the world together " - Vishal Singh

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    Television actor Vishal Singh, seen as Jigar Modi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya talks about his connection with his co-star cum friend Rucha Hasabnis who is no more a part of the show.

    The hit pair of Star Plus' popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Jigar and Rashi though are still remembered by fans for their on-screen chemistry, actor Vishal Singh it seems misses Rucha Hasabnis who has quit the show.

    Vishal Singh shares his connection with Rucha and says, "In these five years I and Rucha have traveled the world together. I can't explain in words about our connection. We used to shoot for 12 hours in a day together, so she has become like my family. In the show she was my wife but in real life she is my very good friend."

    "I know all fans are missing Rashi, even we are missing her but Lovey Sasan who is portraying Paridhi character has just entered in the show is doing really well. She is accepting her character very well. She is trying best that people could accept her as a part of Saathiya family. And I appreciate her hard work," he further adds.

    Vishal still fails to believe that Rucha is no more a part of the show and memorizes his old days with her as he says, "I miss her a lot, even now in every scene I keep on calling her as I feel that she might come back. I am still not able to accept that she is no more a part of the show. I keep asking her to come back on the show but then I know she has left the show for a good reason and I am very happy for her. But I miss her like anything; I can't even express how much I miss her."

    Well, Vishal Singh we can understand how strong your connection would be with Rucha Hasabnis and hope to continue in the same way.



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