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    Default I don't believe in live-in relationships: Mohammad Nazim

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    Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Productions) is definitely scaling greater heights with the new exciting twists and turns, thanks to the leap. One man who is completely enjoying this phase is Mohammad Nazim aka Ahem.

    Talking to us, the actor quipped, “I think I am the happiest post the leap as the track is currently focussing only on Ahem and situations around him. I am thankful to the creatives to have brought this change as I am thoroughly enjoying it. Also, the storyline has been lapped up by viewers, so I am double happy!"

    Nazim also mentioned that his looks are being talked about post the jump. “A lot of people have complimented me saying that I am looking much younger. I have worked on my physique and I am enjoying all the praises."

    Though the look is younger, we wondered if he had any apprehension playing father to two teenage daughters? “As an actor, it is a sin to have any apprehensions. But honestly, the show is all about Ahem and Gopi, so I don’t need to worry about my screen presence. Father or son, I am still important to the show, and I am happy with that.”

    Well, the guy is definitely happy on the professional front, but what about his personal life? We have been hearing about his secret girlfriend, but when he asked him, he brushed it off it with a laugh, “When the right time comes, you guys will definitely get to know about her, don’t worry.”

    We asked Nazim what was the most important thing in a relationship... He said, “I think it is trust that brings strength to any relationship. I won’t just talk about romantic bond, but every attachment that we have with a person solidifies with trust.”

    And lastly, we quizzed him on his take on live-in relationships.

    “My parents will kill me if I start living-in (laughs). I don’t believe in the concept of live-in as there should be a difference in lifestyle pre and post marriage. Why waste the charm of staying together post marriage by doing it now. But yes, if someone is happy with it, I am no one to judge.”

    Well said, Nazim!



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