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    Default Cricket, love and heartbreak: The break up story of Firoza Khan

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    Cricket seems to bond people around the world, but when love fades, nothing can help it live.

    Well, we are not being philosophical, but thats what happened with the lovely Firoza Khan (Saath Nibhana Saathiya).

    Well, the gone Box Cricket League (BCL) not only brought the whole of the TV industry together, but also gave a chance for hearts to flutter.

    We exclusively reported about numerous couples who got a chance to bond during the BCL and start off a journey of love and romance.

    But there is one relationship that hoped to grow, but sadly withered with the culmination of the tournament.

    During the launch of the league, the lovely Firoza was seen flaunting a good looking and dapper man around as the main sponsor of her team Ghaent Punjabi. When we prodded, we found that the guy was Habibullah, Firoza’s boyfriend.

    Habibullah was seen supporting her team throughout the tournament. When we thought about asking the beauty about her love affair, we found out that the couple has broken up.


    We buzzed Firoza who quipped, “Yes dear, we have broken up amicably.”

    But they looked so happy as a couple during the tournament. “Things were not working out for quite some time. I thought BCL would re kindle our relationship, but that was not to be. Life moves on.”

    The girl did not show any remorse, and smilingly added, “I have known him for the last seven-eight years as he was in my cousins’ friends circle. Basically from Bangalore we started dating for around a year but things could not go as we had planned. I thought cricket would bring us close, but as the league ended, our relationship also ended (smiles).

    So any plans to fall in love again, we asked. “I am currently enjoying my singlehood a lot and needed this break also. I am not really in a hurry to fall in love so I am just having fun. Also I am looking forward to the next season on BCL and let’s see what’s in store for me then.”

    Well, Firoza, we hope love finds you again!!!



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