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    Default Kritika is as passionate and committed as me: Rajeev Khandelwal

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    One of the most good looking actors of the small screen, Rajeev Khandelwal, will be back on TV after a hiatus with Sony Entertainment Televisionís Reporters. The actor, who became the nation's heartthrob after Kahin Toh Hoga, will be seen as a hot-shot reporter in the upcoming show.

    Reporters has Rajeev playing Kabir Sharma, the Editor-in-Cheif of a news channel and explores his relationship with Kritka karma, a trainee reporter in his organisation.

    At the launch of the show, we got chatty with Rajeev and spoke at length about his comeback, character, show and a lot more.


    Back on TV screens after three years...what made you choose this show?

    The premise of the show, for sure. I have been around in the industry for a decade now and want to do only the best projects. Reporters is very different and I am really confident that it will change the way shows are projected on TV.

    And not just back with a bang, but also a kiss?

    I donít know why people are concentrating more on the kiss. That I have done before too! But yes the slap was for the first time (laughs). The promo was a superb one and I am glad we did that.

    How did you prepare for your role of Editor-in-Chief, Kabir Sharma?

    I have been around to know how media professionals work. I also have friends who are journalists and thus, understand their behaviour and professional duties. Since reporters have a very clear diction, I also worked on my language. I also met few journalists and did my research and hope I donít disappoint anyone (smiles).

    News or ethics- what holds more value to you?

    As Kabir Sharma, definitely news, but as Rajeev, I think ethics (smiles). But I feel a balance needs to be maintained to not hurt anyone.

    Sometimes celebs tend to react to gossip stories. Have you faced such an incident?

    Honestly, I feel one shouldnít react for that tends to create a chain reaction. But yes, when I was dating Manjari, the news leaked out. The editor of the newspaper was a friend and I pleaded him to not publish the story, but he being a professional told me that since the buzz was there, somebody would carry the story. I had to sit with her parents, who are away from these things, to prepare them well in advance.

    What is your take on curbing the Freedom of Press?

    I think nobody has the right to curb anything, but media should turn into a self-regulatory medium. See anything that media carries affects a lot of people and they should have consciousness over such things.

    How is it working with Kritika?

    I was pleasantly surprised to find someone as passionate and committed as me. We work in complete sync and it is fun working with her.

    And what about director Goldie Behl?

    It is an outstanding feeling. I have been his fan all along and getting to work with him has been a wonderful experience. We also have a great connection where we understand each other even without having to communicate. Also the quality of the show is all thanks to Goldie.

    You are not really active on social networking, which is the need of the hour currentlyÖ

    Yes, I think it is a great platform. I am building on my networking but I am not really too much into it. But I feel it is a great means to share your thoughts and put across what you need to say in an open forum.

    The show will air on a prime time slot ruled by daily shows, how confident are you about its success?

    I am very confident. I know TV is ruled by such audience, but there are a lot of people who want to see such unique content. Also, this being a season-based show, a finite series, we are sure it will create a lot of buzz.

    Has working standards on TV changed over the years?

    I think the pressure of delivering episodes still remains the same though style of shooting has changed. While working on Reporters, I felt it was nothing less than doing films!

    And finally, what's happening on the Bollywood front?

    Aaah...see for the next five months, I just want to live Kabir Sharmaís life and donít want to concentrate on anything apart from this show. There is a movie in the pipeline, which I would want to release post the show, so that my complete focus is on Reporters as of now.Ē

    Reporters will launch Monday (13 April).



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