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    Default 5 Reasons why Rajeev Khandelwal is still a HEARTTHROB

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    The hottie who made women all over the country stick to their TV screens with Kahiin Toh Hoga is back! Rajeev Khandelwal, who is playing Kabir Sharma on Sony TV’s Reporters, has definitely come a long way from his Sujal days. But what still remains the same is his impact on the fairer sex.

    Rajeev is one of the most powerful and popular faces on TV and still can stir up hidden emotions in a woman. The guy might be on the threshold of the 40s, but is still the heartthrob of millions!

    We lays down 5 reasons why we believe that Rajeev is still a heartthrob. Take a look...

    Intelligence is sexy

    Ask any woman what they love in a man and their prompt reply would be 'intelligence'. A man is supposed to be smart and Rajeev wins hands down in that category. And we are not talking about his on screen avatar, as even a single conversation with him in real life is enough to impress us! When brain and brawn get together, it’s a lethal combo. What say?

    He is the ‘man’

    With the heroes on TV shows being teenagers these days, it’s a relief to have someone who is a man. Rajeev is the epitome of manlihood and soothes the eye whenever he comes on the screen. Cushy college romance can take a break and some mature love story with this man can overtake our quest for love!

    Looks a million bucks

    As Kareena had said, to win a date, all you need is good looks, good looks and good looks. And the first time you see this man, the three check boxes are ticked and you are mesmerized by his Greek God looks. And we give Rajeev full points to have managed to maintain his looks from Kahiin Toh Hoga to Reporters...

    Charm of brooding

    Even the slyest of all had to reveal their secrets in Sach Ka Saamna when they faced this man. His brooding personality and deep eyes can leave you dazed. When you have a man as mysterious as Rajeev, you sure want to spend the rest of your life trying to figure out who your man really is. The game starts now!

    The ‘perfect’ homemaker

    Now what can be more attractive than a man who is loyal to his woman? In a world full of deceit and fragile relationships, Rajeev receives brownie points from us for being a loving partner to his wife Manjiri. The sweethearts fought media glares and eccentric female fan following to come together. He is a keeper, eh?

    These were our reasons. Feel free to add yours in the comment box below. Also do LIKE and SHARE the story. Right away.



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