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    Default spicy pizza by raht on deo tv

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    Hot and spicy pizza
    For the base:
    plain flour(maida)500 gm
    sugar 1-2 tsp
    salt 1 pinch
    oil 1-2 tbsp
    yeast 1 tbsp
    mix all the above ingredients togather and knead it with water.cover it and let it rest,untill it rises.
    then make a roti out of it by sprinkling plain flour on it.put this in a baking tray or a pizza pan.
    For the topping:
    onion 1 (medium sized) sliced
    capsicum 1 (big sized) juliened
    salami(italian sausages)3-4 slices chopped
    jelapeno chillies(pickeled green chillies,easily available at super stores)
    mushrooms 1/2 cup (chopped)
    2 type of Olives(green and black)
    chicken(cubed) 200 gm
    mozarella cheese
    hot sauce or tobasco sauce
    heat a tbsp of olive oil,add the chicken,cover it and cook,add a bit of water,cook it,add salt,black pepper(freshlt ground),mix it add capsicum,onion,mix it,then dish out.on the pizza base drizzle a bit of olive oil,spread pizza sauce on it,sprinkle some mozarella cheese on it,then the chicken and vegetable mixture,olives,salami,chopped jelapeno chillies,mushrooms,mozarella cheese,hot sauce,crushed red chillies,olive oil,and bake it for 15-20 minutes at 210 degree centigrade.
    Pizza sauce:
    heat a tbsp of oil,add 1 medium sized onion(chopped),saut'e, add 1/2 kg tomatoes(chopped) cook it,add a bit of salt, 2 tbsp ketchup,mix it,add crushed red chillies,a bit of oregan



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