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    Default Cooking (Tips &Tricks)

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    Make a soft fluffy omelet

    Heat a non-stick pan and add a little more butter than usual. Now beat the egg and stir briskly (even while frying) with a fork. This way more air goes in your omelet, making it light and fluffy. Fry till done and serve hot.

    Prevent onions from burning, frying

    Add a little milk to onions while frying, this will help retain a rich colour and prevent them from burning.

    Cook pulses like channa etc. even if you have forgotten to soak them overnight

    Just put the channa in a flask full of boiling water for an hour. They are ready for cooking.

    Okra will not stick to the vessel

    Adding a spoonful of curd to the Okra while cooking while ensure that they do not stick to the vessel or turn black.

    To remove excess oil in any fried vegetables

    Sprinkle a little gram flour over the vegetables. Gramflour absorbs the excess oil and makes the vegetable tastier.

    Curry turned out a bit oily and pungent ?

    Take two bread slices and powder them coarsely. Add this to the curry and mix well. Bread absorbs the excess oil and spice.

    Hurry to cook 'dal' ?

    Add a little oil and turmeric powder to the dal before placing it in the cooker. It will get done in 10 minutes flat.

    Boil potatoes faster

    Peel and cut potatoes and boil them in water to which a little vinegar is added . They will be done in no time and will retain the texture as well.

    Retain the green of vegetables

    Green vegetables lose colour if subjected to continuous heat. So, don't overcook them.

    Boiling Pasta & Noodles

    Boil pasta/noodles in plenty of water and remove just before it is fully cooked. They continue to be cooked even after it is removed from flame and drained.

    Serving Boiled Noodles later

    If noodles/pasta has to be used after some time, then refresh the boiled noodles in cold water and drain. This way they will not stick to each other.

    Instant Lemonade

    Pour lemon juice with sugar and a little salt into ice trays, to make cubes which can be used for instant lemonade.

    Making potato cutlets?

    When boiling potatoes for cutlets add the salt to the water itself as potatoes absorb salt better this way.

    Prevent Meat & Vegetables from Over cooking

    Add cold water if meat and vegetables are over cooked.

    Cook Rice without sticking

    To cook rice without sticking add a spoon full of vinegar in it.

    Prevent Boil over

    Add a lump of butter or a few tea spoons of cooking oil to the water. Good for Rice, noodles or Spaghetti.
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