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    Arrow Choco marbled tea cake

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    Butter 250 gm.
    Sugar 250 gm.
    Eggs 5 nos.
    Flour 225 gm.
    Baking powder 5 gm.
    Cocoa powder 25 gm.

    - Cream butter and sugar
    - Add eggs little by little and continue mixing till very fluffy.
    - Separate 1/5 of the mix and mix with the cocoa powder
    - Add the flour and baking powder to 4/5 of the remaining mixture and mix.
    - Put the mixture ( white part) in a round cake tin.
    - Put the cocoa mixture in streaks and marble it with the help of a stick or fork.
    - Bake the cake at 180 deg c for 30-min.



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