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    Default Basic Roti for Katti Rolls

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    2 cup - whole wheat flour
    1/2 tsp - salt
    1 tsp - dry/ fresh yeast
    luke warm water to mix


    1. Mix the flour with salt.
    2. Mix yeast with 1/2 cup of warm water and keep aside till frothy.
    3. Add the yeast liquid to flour.
    4. Add more water as needed and make dough as for chpathi.
    5. Knead very well and keep covered for one hour.
    6. Divide into 8 parts and roll out into thin discs.
    7. Heat a think griddle and place aroti on it.
    8. When the under side is half cooked, turn over and cook the other sidetill tiny black spots appear on that side, turn over again.
    9. The roti will puff up. Cook for few seconds and remove.
    10. Cook all the rotis thus and keep in a hot case lined with kitchen paper.

    For Fillings:

    * When you cook with very little oil, it takes a little longer for onions to brown.
    * Use medium heat and stir often.



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