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    Default Arbi Leaves Rolls

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    6 Arbi leaves (colocasia leaves) or (arbi key pattey)
    200 gms gram flour (besan)
    tbsp red chilli powder
    tbsp black pepper powder
    tbsp salt
    tbsp chat masala
    tbsp cumin seeds
    tbsp ajwain (carom seeds)
    tbsp coriander seeds
    tbsp ginger garlic paste
    2 tbsp tamarind pulp
    Water as required to make a thick paste
    Oil for frying

    Remove hard stem of arbi leaves (colocasia leaves), wash and dry
    Make a fine and thick paste of gram flour (besan) by mixing all ingredients
    Now take one arbi leaf, spread it on clean large flat dish and apply gram flour mixture on one side of it
    Spread second leaf over it and apply besan mixture again and then third leaf in same manner
    Roll the three arbi leaves gently
    Make two rolls of 6 arbi leaves following same method and steam for 30-45 minutes
    Remove the rolls from steamer and let them cool
    Cut arbi leaves rolls into 1 cm thick slices. Each piece will look like a beautiful spiral
    Heat oil in frying pan and fry arbi leaves rolls till light golden and crisp
    In the end temper the fried rolls slices with mustard seeds
    Serve with raita or sour sauce



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