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    Default Anurag Kashyap does a cameo in MTV Reality Stars

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    After making his acting debut on the silver screen in Luck By Chance and later playing an impressive role in Shagird, director Anurag Kashyap comes to the small screen with MTV’s new fiction TV series Reality Stars – Chaar Doston Ki Crazy Kahani (Shakuntalam Telefilms). You have seen him directing others but this time he switches his role to an actor. This is Anurag’s second acting role on television.

    If sources are to be believed the director didn’t charge a single penny for the role and the reason was to encourage first time writer-producer Nikhil Taneja as he says, “I agreed to the cameo because of Nikhil Taneja, who I’ve known for 4 years now. It is his first show as a writer-producer and I wanted to encourage him”.

    Further, Anurag promptly agreed when he was approached and spared time from his chock-a-bloc schedule, without even reading the script.

    Anurag plays himself in Reality Stars, but he appears in a flashback sequence, in the year 2009, where he had just made Dev D and had started to get due recognition, but wasn’t very famous. He is good friends with one of the protagonists of the show Krish and when he watches his short film, he gets so impressed by the other protagonist in the show, the actor Zameer, that he promises to cast Zameer in one of his “dark” movies.

    But in the four years since 2009 and through the entire series, the movie never takes off due to budget crunches. When asked about his role in the show he says, “I play myself before Gangs of Wasseypur and after Dev D. It was a really nice experience shooting with the young team and I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t know that much about the show, but the promos look great and I would love to see it.”

    When asked about his thoughts on reality TV and whether or not it is real, he said,” All reality television is manufactured and caters to our baser instinct. Reality TV brings out the Romans out in us. We need a Russell Crowe from Gladiator to ask us, “Are you entertained?”

    The sequence will air in the coming days.



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