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    Default Yaldoz throws in a condition at Razia to stop the Nasir- Iltutmish war in &TV's Razia Sultan

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    The task of Razia (Pankhuri Awasthy) is cut out with the countdown starting to the war between Nasir (Mohit Abrol) and Iltutmish (Sooraj Thapar) in the &TV historical, Razia Sultan.

    In the episodes to come in the Swastik Productions show, Razia will waste no time to reach out to Yaldoz (Manish Khanna) to make him stop the impending war. Meanwhile, Shah Turkan (Sambhavna Seth) will try to brainwash Yaldoz so that he would not stop the war from happening.

    A reliable source states, “Yaldoz will however have a change of mind when he would meet Razia. With a dirty mindset, Yaldoz will tell Razia that he will stop the war from happening, provided she would give him what he would want. Unaware of Yaldoz’ plans, Razia will accept to it, and Yaldoz will tell her that he will talk about it at the right time."

    Will Yaldoz be able to stop the war? What will he demand from Razia?

    We tried contacting Sooraj Thapar, but he remained unavailable for comments.



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