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    Default How Yaldoz shocked Razia on Razia Sultan?

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    Will Razia be able to fulfil Yaldoz's wish on &TV's historical show Razia Sultan?

    &TV's popular historical show Razia Sultan is heading towards more twist and turns in its forthcoming episodes.

    As Iltutmish (Sooraj Thapar) and Nasir are all set to have a fight, Razia (Pankhuri Awasthi) is trying to stop the fight they are planning for and that's why she will ask Yaldoz to help her out with this but in return she will get a shock. Yaldoz will take advantage of the situation and will ask something from Razia in return.

    Our source informs, "In the upcoming tracks of the show, the viewers will witness that Razia will request Yaldoz to stop the upcoming war between Altamash and Nasir and Yaldoz agrees. However, he will ask Razia to give something in return and he will ask for it at the right time comes. Later, the viewers will see that Yaldoz will remind Razia about the promise and he will ask Razia to marry him, and that will shock Razia."

    What will be the consequences? The upcoming tracks of the show will unfold the answer to this question.



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