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    Default Yaldoz to propose Razia for marriage in &TV's Razia Sultan

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    &TVís popular historical show, Razia Sultan produced by Swastik Productions is on the verge of hitting an interesting high point.

    Yes, it will be the result of Yasir Ė Altamush (Iltutmish) war, and how Yaldoz would utilize the moment to his own advantage.

    We hear that Yasir (Mohit Abrol) and Altamash (Sooraj Thapar) will start with a one-on-one war between themselves. And there will be a moment when Altamash would almost be on the verge of killing Yasir, when Razia (Pankhuri Awasthy) and Yaldoz (Manish Khanna) will intervene and stop the war. Yaldoz will drive away few bitter facts to both of them, and will also throw an accusation at Quacha for being responsible for their bitterness. With this, Altamash and Nasir will hug and patch up.

    But, this will not stop the evil intentions of Yaldoz.

    With Altamash and Nasir returning to their kingdom, and the coronation talks of Nasir happening in full swing, Yaldoz will dish out his next move to Razia.

    As we know, Yaldoz would have taken a promise from Razia earlier, that she should give him what he would want. And now, Yaldoz will propose Razia in style, and will put forth the idea of marrying her.

    How will Razia react to Yaldozí proposal of marriage?

    We tried calling Manish Khanna, but could not get through to him.

    Get ready for this interesting development in Razia Sultan..



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