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    Default 'Vicious' wedding drama in &TV's Razia Sultan

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    &TVís Razia Sultan (Swastik Pictures) will churn out a wedding drama this week as Shah Turkan (Sambhavna Seth) will try her level best to convince Iltutmish (Sooraj Thapar) to marry her.

    Well, in order to trap Iltutmish in her plan, Turkan will lie about she being pregnant with his child. This will leave Qutub (Khalida Turi) all angry and shocked and she will slap Turkan. Now Turkan will play her card and act as if she got hurt and lost her baby because of Qutub. This drama will force Iltutmish to marry Turkan.

    However, at one side Iltutmish and Turkan will get married and on the other side Turkan will order her servants to kill Qutub.

    Will Turkanís plan get fulfilled? Will she be able to make his son as the next sultan?

    We tried contacting Sooraj and Sambhavna, but could not reach out to them.



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