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    Default "Zoya is very much like Surbhi": Surbhi Jyoti

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    We in conversation with Surbhi Jyoti who after doing a few films in Punjabi has now entered the television world with Zee TV's Qubool Hai ...

    What are the differences and similarities between Zoya and Surbhi?

    Yes Zoya is very much like Surbhi in reality. Both of them like cricket and are very charming too. However there are some differences between the two like Surbhi doesn't like pizza at all but Zoya loves pizza.

    You were earlier seen in Punjabi cinema, how different and challenging is television?

    It is certainly different with respect to the work routine and work culture. Like in movies we used to work very calmly, because we had to do only 2 scenes in a day, nonetheless here in Qubool Hai the schedule is a little more hectic and there are many scenes since its a daily soap and sometimes we have to rush.

    Three words to describe Surbhi?

    I am unpredictable, very honest and sometimes innocent.

    Your favourite television show at the moment?

    Sa re ga ma pa and Dance India Dance.

    Your favourite food?

    South India food.

    Your favourite holiday destination?

    I have never been there but I want to go to Rome in Italy.

    What is fashion according to you?

    Fashion is something in which you look best and you are comfortable and you look different from the rest of the crowd.

    What does Surbhi do when she sees girls being harassed by guys?

    In reality if someone is mean or someone is doing wrong I clearly tell them to not to do it.

    How difficult was it to learn Urdu since you hail from Punjab?

    It wasn't tough at all, because I have done my Masters in English and while studying I learnt though language are different in words, sounds are same, you just need to learn the technique.

    The one person closest to your heart?

    In this world I love myself the most.

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