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    Default Women of all ages like me: Karan Singh Grover

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    We had earlier reported about the upcoming sequence of the doll factory in Zee TVís Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films) which will unravel multiple aspects about what had happened in the past thereby bringing about a new twist to the show.

    At a recent press conference of the show, Karan Singh Grover told us about how the twist will bring about a new dimension in the serial. He also spoke about his highly popular character Asad, his ardent fan following, his dear wife Jennifer (Winget) and his aspirations in life. Excerpts:

    The channel has called a press conference with reference to the twist. It must be of utmost importance to the show. Please comment.

    Indeed, the twist will have quite an impact. Rashid had left our family to get married to someone else. He is far richer than what he used to be when he was with us. Now they are coming to a point where many things will be explained thereby revealing the stories of all that has happened till yet. For instance, we will get to know as to why Rashid was being blackmailed to stay with a different family. The audience will know that the fire in the factory led to the development of several events. This episode will reveal the gone by stories of all that has happened.

    Qubool Hai is raking in very good TRPsÖ

    I have never gone beyond a TRP of 1.9 in my previous shows. So, when Qubool Hai started off with 3, I thought Ďwowí. We have reached 3.9 too and are now aiming for a 5.5. We hope that our show will have a successful three to four year run.

    How did you slip into a Muslim character in Qubool Hai? Isnít it a very different lifestyle from that of yours?

    (pauses) I have finished my schooling and education in Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country that had a mix of many cultures. It is true that the Muslim lifestyle is very different from that of mine. However, it isnít new to me as I am acquainted with that kind of lifestyle though I donít live it. I didnít find it difficult to get into the Muslim part of the character but the fact that it was a serious role was surely a challenge to me. It is also a multi-layered character as Asad has gone through a lot of pain and misery. To portray that with conviction throughout the show isnít a piece of cake.

    Now Asad hates his dad. Will he start liking him after his past is revealed?

    There will be an explanation but that wonít result in him developing a soft corner for his dad at all. Asad will never like him. He however wonít hate his dad even more. The hatred or the pain however wonít lessen because of it. The cause of his anger is that his dad has not been with them for the last 17 years and that he has never told them as to why he wasnít there.

    How far can you relate to Asad, the character you play in this show?

    I was a rapist in Kasauti Zindagii Kay and even tried to kill my mother-in-law. How could I ever relate to a character like that? I surely relate far more to Asad who isnít doing anything illegal at the moment. He is however a little too stuck up which is quite unlike me but I value his principles. Unlike Asad, I smile a lot in real life. After all he is always in such serious situations that he canít really break into a smile.

    What advice would you give to Asad?

    I would advice Asad to have a drink and just chill. Iíd assure him that if he has a couple of drinks then everything will be fine.

    What do you like about Asad?

    I like the fact that Asad wears good clothes. He has a very successful business and is very loving towards his family.

    Will the show ever see you smiling?

    (smiles) I will not be smiling at all in the show.

    Is the seriousness of the role growing into you?

    This role is disassociating me with reality in a big way. As it is that the character I play is of a serious kind. But so much has the character grown in me, that even when I get back at home, I am the same for the next 30 minutes. My wife has also accepted that. Becoming like Asad isnít a bad thing though; he is what he is because a lot of serious stuff happened with him in the past.

    The brotherly bond of Asad and Ayaan is very endearingÖ

    Asad and Ayaan are very close because when their father Rashid left them, Ayaan was brought up by Asad for a very long time. Asadís mother didnít want to take care of him as he was somebody elseís son. Even in childhood, Asad was given the responsibilities of an adult. It is because of this that their bonding is unbreakable.

    You are the hunk of Indian television. Has the success of Qubool Hai added to your popularity?

    Now, women of all ages like me.

    You have an awesome youth fan following and even have the support of the Karan Protection Squad which will promptly jump to your defense at every given opportunityÖ

    I am extremely grateful to Qubool Hai which has further improved my youth fan following. The Karan Protection Squad (KPS) is a very sweet group- if you say anything bad about me they will bash you online.

    Which TV shows do you watch?

    I regularly watch Qubool Hai and also tune into foreign channels. I used to watch Friends a lot and also liked The Big Bang Theory. There is a new show coming up titled Anger Management which I also intend to watch. I will also be watching my wifeís show Saraswatichandra regularly for sure. Other than that, I donít watch TV shows. I am very conceited, shallow and self-centered, you see (giggles).

    Which film director would you like to work with?

    I would like to work with Martin Scorsese. Actually Iíd like to work with anybody who is making a good film. There are so many new directors who are coming on the scene. I canít name certain directors but there are many whom I would like to work with.

    Whose fan are you?

    I am a huge of Amitabh Bachchan and have seen most of his works. I know many of his dialogues by heart too.

    What would you tell Big B if you ever met him?

    If I ever get an opportunity to meet him, I would tell him, ďI love you. Thank you for inspiring me from childhood. I have seen most of your movies.Ē I am yet to meet him though. When we were shooting for one of the channel promos in Film City, he was on the other set and since it was the last day of KBC, I didnít feel like disturbing him. I could have easily gone and met him but I chickened out.

    What is your greatest strength as an actor?

    I have a lot of conviction in whatever I do. I try to actually feel what the character is going through. I feel that if I donít get into that feeling, the audience wonít feel the real impact of the role.

    Please mention one area in which you would like to improve as an actor.

    I am not good at singing Hindi songs but if I could do that, Iíd be a better actor.
    What is the attitude with which you walk in life?

    Leave me alone please.

    What kind of roles would you never do?

    I donít think about the roles that I donít want to do. Instead I ponder on the roles I want to do.

    Your dream role isÖ

    My dream role is Amitabh Bachchanís role from Sharabi.

    What is your aspiration in life?

    I want to buy a yacht and sail and do just one film a year.

    You mean you will leave TV?

    If I am sailing, I canít do a daily soap. It will be very difficult for me to reach to the set in that case (laughs).

    Who is the lucky lady you would like to sail with?

    Of course, I would sail with my wife Jennifer. My company is already decided, I just need the yacht.

    You and your wife Jennifer have very hectic schedules and I guess nowadays
    you donít get to spend much time together.

    You are correct. I havenít seen her for the last six days. Even on the Valentineís
    Day, I didnít get to meet her. Since I hardly get any time to meet her, I mail her instead because by the time I come back home, she is sleeping. She leaves home in the morning whereas I leave for work in the afternoon.

    Donít you do romantic things for her or give her surprises at all?
    (chuckles) Well, I do buy her flowers sometimes but donít give her surprises. Nor do
    I like surprises myself. In fact I donít know how to react when someone surprises me.



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